Written by: Veronika Lindorenko

As we know, web app development is a complex process that, on the one hand, consists of laborious work at the backend and, on the other hand, includes plenty of efforts while creating a nice-looking and responsive UI.

If you want to optimize the construction of your web applications, you need to find the best option for organizing your work with data as well as a fast and powerful js library for drawing app interface.

This variant can be implemented by using OData, an open data protocol for building RESTful API’s, and by adapting Webix UI library to its rules of requesting and modifying data.

Odata protocol

OData’s goal is to enable a broad access to data regardless of the way it is stored. It allows requesting and updating resources via HTTP commands and provides an entire query language directly in the URL.

Well, if you are reading this post, you probably know a lot about Webix. If suddenly no, you can find more info here. All in all, I can say that our users find it fast and easy.

twitter review of webix

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Right after the release of Webix 2.5 we’ve updated our online developer tool Webix Skin Builder. Since this upgrade, it has an built-in Material skin and small UX enhancements.

For those who haven’t used Webix Skin Builder yet, we’ll explain the practical use of this handy designer tool. It allows creating custom skins for the UI of your web apps as well as provides you with the existing set of skins.

Material Skin

When we’ve firstly announced the possibility to apply the Material skin to your web app built with Webix, the skin wasn’t included into the library package. To download it you had to go to the special github.com repository and take the skin there. Now this skin is available right from our Skin Builder tool.

Webix Skin Builder

Webix Skin Builder will also delight you with an improved UI. Just check it to be sure that it works and looks better.

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We are glad to announce our small but effective and long-expected Webix update 2.5! First of all, we can boast of Microsoft Edge support. Despite this new browser for Windows 10 hasn’t been released yet, Webix widgets already support it. Secondly, we’ve improved our complex widgets such as Pivot and Kanban as well as added an opportunity to block time in Calendar widget. And the final traditional update is bugs fixing.

If you are too busy to read the whole post, you can download a new library version here.

Microsoft Edge ready

Since the version 2.5, Webix supports Microsoft Edge, which is a default browser for upcoming Windows 10. Microsoft has announced that it would have plenty of JS improvements over IE11 and similar performance to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Webix with MS Edge support

Webix is MS edge ready, which means that your web apps will run flawlessly across a new cutting edge browser as soon as it is officially released (on July, 29).

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We love open source and are willing to make this part of Webix community bigger and happier. Starting from Webix 2.4, in addition to the ability to use Webix in GPL projects, we add a FLOSS Exception to the existing GPL License. Thanks to this update, you can use Webix in your applications distributed under MIT, BSD and other open source licenses!

Webix loves open source

Thus, you can use Webix in open source projects that exists under a license that is a part of the FLOSS Exception List without taking into consideration the GPLv3 restrictions. The only requirement implies that your open source project should be intended for using by end-users but not for creating a library for software development purposes.

FLOSS License List

Want to know which FLOSS licenses can Webix be distributed under?

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What is the FLOSS License Exception?

This Free/Libre and Open Source Software (“FLOSS”) License Exception allows developers of FLOSS applications to use Webix in their FLOSS applications. Webix is licensed pursuant to version 3 of the General Public License (“GPL”). This exception permits distribution of Webix with a developer’s FLOSS application licensed under the terms of another FLOSS license listed below, despite the fact that not all FLOSS licenses are compatible with this version of GPL.

FLOSS License Exception Terms and Conditions


Derivative Work” means a derivative work, as defined under applicable copyright law, formed entirely from the Program and one or more FLOSS Applications.

FLOSS Application” means a free and open source software application distributed subject to a license listed in the section below titled “FLOSS License List.”

FLOSS Notice” means a notice placed by XB Software Ltd. in a copy of the Webix library stating that such copy of the Webix library may be distributed under Webix’s FLOSS License Exception.

Independent Work” means portions of the Derivative Work that are not derived from the Program and can reasonably be considered independent and separate works.

Program” means a copy of WEBIX library that contains a FLOSS Notice.


A FLOSS application developer (“you” or “your”) may distribute a Derivative Work provided that you and the Derivative Work meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You obey the GPL in all respects for the Program and all portions (including modifications) of the Program included in the Derivative Work (provided that this condition does not apply to Independent Works);
  2. You distribute Independent Works subject to a license listed in the section below titled “FLOSS License List”;
  3. You distribute Independent Works in object code or executable form with the complete corresponding machine-readable source code on the same medium and under the same FLOSS license applying to the object code or executable forms;
  4. The Derivative Work can reasonably be considered independent and separate work that is intended for use by end-users and not as a library for software development purposes.

This exception applies to all the Webix library versions released under the GPL starting with the framework update 2.2.

XB Software Ltd. reserves all rights not expressly granted in these terms and conditions. If any of the above conditions is not met, then this FLOSS License Exception does not apply to you or your Derivative Work and your rights immediately revert back to those granted in the GPL v3.


FLOSS License List

License Name Version(s)/Copyright Date
Apache Software License 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.0
MIT License
BSD License “July 22 1999”
GNU Library or “Lesser” General Public License (LGPL) 2.0 / 2.1 / 3.0
Apple Public Source License 2.0
Artistic license From Perl 5.0.0 and up
Creative Commons Zero 1.0
European Union Public License (EUPL) 1.0
GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) 3.0
Mozilla Public License (MPL) 1.1 / 2.0
nginx License http://nginx.org/LICENSE
X11 “2001”
Zlib/libpng License

If you want to use another FOSS license with Webix, do not hesitate to contact us.

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