Written by: Veronika Lindorenko

Webix UI 2015 Roadmap

Everybody plans their work, Webix team is not an exception. Today we want to share our plans concerning library improvements.

Thus, we will present you the Webix Roadmap for 2015.

By publishing roadmaps (we are going to continue this tradition) we will make our ideas transparent.

All the plans described in Roadmap are formed on the basis of the following issues:

  • trends in IT industry
  • forum posts
  • support tickets
  • comments in docs, blog
  • requests via social network

It means that your feedback is essential for us as it helps us choose the right direction in product development and concentrate on the most valuable features. This ensures that the functions expected and preferred by you will be implemented in our next releases.

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Enhance File Management with a Webix widget File Manager

With the increase in using web applications, the need for a widget that allows working with hierarchical data becomes primary. A web-based file manager is a good solution for managing such type of data within any modern web browser.

Today we are glad to present you a new Webix widget intended for organizing your data in the Internet – File Manager. It is a JavaScript and HTML5 component that allows you to manage hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders.

Webix File Manager Widget

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Webix 2.2: New Widgets Features and UI Improvements

We are happy to inform you about the update of Webix UI library. The new version 2.2 introduces plenty of new handy features and lots of other significant improvements.

New Buttons in Calendar

Version 2.2 has brought new optional “Clear” and “Today” buttons to the Calendar widget.
The button “Today” makes it possible to view the current calendar date. The “Clear” control is intended for removing the date selection.

Clear and Today Button in Webix Calendar

These buttons will be visible by default. If you need to hide these controls, you can easily do it with one codeline.

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Webix Kanban Board - Perfect Widget to Improve Your Workflow

We are glad to present you a new Webix widget Kanban Board. This is a tool that allows tracking the work flow and change it on the go according to the requirements. Thus, you will develop all your products Just-in-time.

Moreover, Kanban displays the work processes in a transparent way. It allows team members to know what they should be working on, track the workload level of each participant and, as a result, be aware of the real state of project development.

With Webix Kanban, you’ll get the entire idea of your business process and will be able to achieve amazing operational results in terms of quality and performance.

kanban board free

If you would like to get Webix Kanban Board, please go here.

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We are glad to inform you about the update of Webix to version 2.1. This release presents a wide range of features. Most of them are aimed to improve the current compatibility of the Webix widgets with frameworks, libraries and browsers. Version 2.1 also includes some UI improvements and general bug fixes.

Compatibility with Bootstrap

Since version 2.1, Webix runs with Bootstrap, a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework, even better, which allows you to build nice web apps which contain beautiful elements.

webix compatibility with bootstrap

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