Coming soon: Webix 3.4 release

Hey, guys!

Let’s be clear, have you also been affected by Pokemania? How many Pikachus have you caught by now? 😉 Yes, we also were exploring the streets, but not at working hours, when we were preparing the release of Webix 3.4. Don’t miss it, the launch day is the 26th of July.

Webix 3.4 coming soon

What to expect from our new Webix 3.4 update?

Both under GPL license and in PRO edition:

1) Webix Remote for PHP and NodeJS (built-in solution for tight integration between the server-side and client-side code);

2)  Month and Year pickers;

3)  API to hide/show options in Tabbar and Form controls;

Only in PRO edition:

4)  Four new sparkline types (Bar, Area, Splice and Pie) for DataTable and TreeTable;

5)  Formatting patterns for Form inputs;

6)  Frozen rows feature for DataTable;

and, of course, lots of other updates and bug fixes.

If you are new to Webix, you have a great chance and a whole week ahead to try our free Trial version before starting to code with an even better version!

Stay tuned and you will catch your new Webix 3.4 version next week!


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Olga Vazhnik

Olga Vazhnik

Webix product manager. Interested in creating strong, hand over hand relationships between the company and its customers using Internet marketing.
  • Casper Bollen

    Great. I do like webix very much. Only I also have some concerns (having had bad experiences with extjs). I am using the GPL version for an open source project. I am perfectly willing to pay, but this will restrict my open source ideal and collaboration with other developers. What worries me is that in your blog you mention the bug fixes only in the pro version. This is exactly what sencha does, open source first implementations of their framework, let the community find and fix the bugs and then sell the bug fixes to their customers. I do hope that webix doesn’t follow this policy.

    • Listopad

      We’re really sorry for this typo (it’s a bit terrifying inaccuracy, but don’t worry, we do not sell the bug fixes). Thank you for being attentive!

      • Casper Bollen


  • Luiz Henrique Dal Pozzo

    I am very happy with WEBIX, it’s easy to use the simple project. Only I wish I had more Skins in WEBIX.

    • Helga

      Thank you for the feedback! Have you ever tried Webix Skin Builder? You can explore the 12 existing skins there as well as create the new skin on the base of any appealing one – all by visual means.

      • Luiz Henrique Dal Pozzo


  • Irvin Waldman

    Any plans to support Angular 2 or React?

  • Luiz Henrique Dal Pozzo

    Hello, can I use Bootstrap with WEBIX Framework in my projects is compatible?

  • Luiz Henrique Dal Pozzo

    Sorry I’m new to JavaScript, but as I call html page (load) ajax into in Windows WEBIX someone could help me ??

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