Easy-to-use Live Coding Tool for Webix UI

Are you looking for an easy-to-use tool for fast prototyping? Would you like to share your UI experiments in popular social nets?

Webix presents a live coding tool “Code Snippet” that allows you to code UI with Webix and see the results of your work immediately.


This tool enables you to code in JavaScript and HTML, load data in JSON and XML formats or apply 6 Webix skins to decorate your UI.

If you make some mistakes in your code, our smart tool will report you about them with the help of red alert messages.

By using the inbuilt button “Share” you can show your results in social nets (Twitter, Facebook, Google+). Moreover, you can use preset demo datasets for building real-like UI.

This tool is also useful when you want to post our support team about the question that emerges while developing with Webix. You should just send us the link to your code.

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Veronika Lindorenko

Veronika Lindorenko

Webix product manager since 2012, interested in SMM and usability. She strives to make the online world better by creating qualitative and catching content.
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