Oscar for DiCaprio – Visual Designer for you!

Hey guys!

It is the last month of the winter and only 25 days are left before Oscar, the main American awards ceremony.

We could not pass by such an event. And if you hope and believe, the same as we do, that Leonardo DiCaprio, not the bear, will get the Oscar, click “Like” and “Share”.

Visual designer


At the end of the month, in case this talented actor wins, all participants will get an annual access to the PRO edition of our Visual Designer, which is scheduled for release exactly at the end of February.

With this tool, you can create a perfect UI for your application by simple drag-and-drop. You can easily and quickly design and prototype the interface instead of doing boring things. Just choose the necessary widgets, arrange and rearrange them with drag-and-drop, tune their properties and get the resulting code. So, there are 2 big events to expect :)

visual designer


If you believe in Leo as we do, click on “Like” and share the post with your friends. Leo needs your moral support, and you will certainly like our free annual access to the Visual Designer.

Stay tuned and we will keep you informed on February 28.

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Olga Vazhnik

Olga Vazhnik

Webix product manager. Interested in creating strong, hand over hand relationships between the company and its customers using Internet marketing.
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  • Tony Vezhnevets

    Wow! Good luck Leo! Hope you’ll (and me)) win! )

    • Olga Vazhnik

      let’s hope for the best, he deserves it! And you will not regret when you get our Visual designer! 😉

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Hahaha… Excellent! Good luck Leo! I’m gonna watch his last movie this weekend :)

  • manor

    Well, DiCaprio did his bit — now it’s up to you Webix!!!

    • Olga Vazhnik

      could you please send us your email? 😉

  • Matthew Jessop

    i am so chuffed he won :) do have to wonder how many people shared it thou

  • Craig Welch

    Hey, am I too late to share the love?

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