DataTable is the most popular widget of Webix UI. It is fast, flexible and can be used in many different scenarios. By default, it shows only a text content in its cells. Nevertheless, you can use cell templating to show a more complex content in the cells of DataTable. Icons, buttons, and even other widgets can be used as cell templates.

Let’s look how it can be done.

Checkbox and Radio buttons

The most common use-case is the adding of a checkbox into a cell of a DataTable. It is so common, that we have added a ready-to-use shortcut. Just write the cell template as follows:


and you will get a fully-functional checkbox input.

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Hey everybody!

Little by little, rainy autumn comes to its end and we want to announce our new release of Webix 3.1, which will take place on 24th of November.



Not so long ago we were telling about our plans on new features and updates in the Path to Webix 4.0. All the features, that were missed in the Webix version 3.0, have not been discarded and will be included in our next updates.

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A picture is worth a hundred words, and a nice live demo – even thousands. So don’t think – click on the image below and keep reading this article after watching the demo.


What is it

The demo above shows how the Web Desktop can be created on the base of Webix components. Such kind of shell can be used by remote user, providing them the desktop-like environment, where users can access the remote data and work with it. Users can launch inner apps, organize them on the screen, switch between them. All the same can be done with common desktop web apps. And it works in any browser ( even in IE8! )

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Hey everyone!

We continue publishing real showcases from our customers, which were made on Webix. Today we’d like to share an article about the RightNote, personal information manager program for Windows, provided by Rael Bauer.

“RightNote is an advanced personal information manager program for Windows. It allows you to store all bits and pieces of information in a single place and then you can access that information later. For example you can capture webpages, store source code snippets, spreadsheets, project notes etc.. all in a single place. More information can be found here:

Webix Showcase


We wanted to provide our users with a way to publish their knowledge bases to the web or to mobile devices, so that they could then access or present their information on these platforms.

This meant exporting the RightNote databases to a html/javascript format. We wanted to make sure that the output looked good and was also easy to use and navigate, hopefully providing some functionality similar to the desktop app. We also wanted the javascript to work straight from the file system, i.e. without requiring a server. (Many javascript libraries work fine on a server, but come to halt on filesystems). Read more

Hey guys!

New week, new showcase from our customers. Today we are presenting a short, but colourful article from Michael Basin. The project, which was made on Webix, is called Blitz-Budget. So let’s start.

“I use Webix Pivot for mobile applications for financial accounting as a tool for generating reports. And I do it in an unusual way.

A smartphone is used as a web-server and Pivot is run on a PC as a client. Thus, users get a possibility to make reports on a desktop directly using data from the smartphone.

Blitz-Budget App made on Webix


Blitz-Budget for Android – is the program for accounting and control of personal finance. Read more