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Today, we will continue highlighting the most useful articles for the newcomers that have been published in the first half of this year.

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Webix TreeMap – Power of Visualization

Still don’t know how to visualize your data? With the help of Webix TreeMap we will show you how! Webix TreeMap is a powerful widget that can display hierarchical data on a proportional basis. It is interactive, easy to read and quick to analyze. Read more

Hi guys!

Today, in the middle of June, we would like to share with you a fresh and still hot showcase directly from sunny Argentina. It was kindly provided by Diego Ferruchelli.

data analysis


“Curvas (Spanish for “curves”) is a tool for data analysis and business modeling intended to be used in such spheres as agricultural insurance and risk management. It was prepared as a part of my independent consulting services for a local company which was developing a new product in this field.

I was using Webix for another application, and I felt it was the natural way to go with this one, in which good user interaction and charting are key features. Read more

“Thanks God it’s Friday” – that’s what people say as they feel a great relief after a fruitful working week. I want to make this day even more happier and suggest the cure to a common developer problem – user inputs.

We all want to collect as much information from users as possible, while making this process predictable and controlled with respect to user freedom of choice. In this article we will try to squeeze through the variety of Webix combobox controls to solve this task.


As a teaser, I’m giving you the numbers: Webix offers 7 ready-made select widgets and 7 suggest lists for autocomplete options alongside with great possibilities to customize and mix them all to create an ultimate web combobox! Read more

Hey everyone!

We continue to publish real showcases of customer applications made with Webix. Today we’d like to share a new article from SFM BV about their product called XLReporting.

“We are a team of finance, accounting, and IT experts in the Netherlands. We specialize in information management, and provide solutions and services to our corporate clients for financial management, consolidation, budgeting, and reporting. Our clients vary in size from SME’s to large corporates across the world.



Years ago we launched a very successful product called XLReporting at request of our clients, which has seen many versions and improvements ever since, and which enjoys a large installed user base. For years, the product has been a client-server solution with an Excel add-in and workbooks communicating to a back-end SQL Server instance, and it is still widely used and actively soldpurchased today. Read more

Hi everybody! I’m lucky to inform you that summertime is approaching rapidly and it’s high time to rejoice, indulge into various kinds of outdoor activities, twist and shout. Today I suggest you to combine all these things with web development. So, are you ready to play the Accordion? 😉

Webix Accordion Widget


Still, I don’t want you to read musical notes. In HTML and Javascript accordion means a UI control that consists of panels that can be expanded and collapsed (just like the bellows of a musical accordion) to make the whole interface sound.

Webix accordion widget is one of the basic ui layout types. It seems to be very simple and non-configurable, but one needs to learn and practice to play the music. Here we gathered three common use cases and customization samples with the Accordion component: Read more