Material Design in Webix UI

Material Design is a visual language that was developed by Google and is becoming trendy in mobile and web apps development. It is aimed at increasing the usability of application interfaces while preserving simplicity and nice look and feel of the apps. Web apps with this design can easily adapt across various platforms and all types of devices.

material design

Webix team was inspired by Google Material Design and used its specification to create a new skin in accordance with the described visual principles.
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Checkboxes in DataTables. Little-known techniques

You probably already know that DataTable control has the ability to show checkboxes instead of plain text data. It allows you to provide a simple solution for status marking and data selection.

Basic checkboxes

The minimal code for initializing a DataTable with checkboxes will look as follows:

    { id:"status", header:"Is Active", width:80, css:"center",
    { id:"value", header:"Records", fillspace:1 },
  data: [
    { status:0, value:"Record A"},
    { status:1, value:"Record B"},
    { status:0, value:"Record C"}

It will result in a nice-looking JavaScript grid presented in the picture below. The “{common.checkbox()}” line in the template expands in a checkbox control.

Basic Webix Checkboxes


live demo:

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Use Webix CDN for Building Fast Web Apps

Good news! From today to start using Webix library you don’t need to download the package from our website and then unpack it. You may include 2 webix files from the Internet by just setting links to CDN.

CDN can offer a performance and availability benefit by hosting Webix on servers all over the world. The advantage is that if the visitor to your webpage has already downloaded a copy of Webix from the same CDN, it won’t have to be re-downloaded.

Webix uses CDN

Now if the end user works, for example, with several apps that are built on the basis of Webix, the loading speed of the second app will be much faster than it was before using CDN. When your user works with the first app the webix.js files are downloaded into cache and stored there. Thus, when a user checks the second app, the browser won’t need to re-download Webix files as they are already in the cache.

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Webix UI 2015 Roadmap

Everybody plans their work, Webix team is not an exception. Today we want to share our plans concerning library improvements.

Thus, we will present you the Webix Roadmap for 2015.

By publishing roadmaps (we are going to continue this tradition) we will make our ideas transparent.

All the plans described in Roadmap are formed on the basis of the following issues:

  • trends in IT industry
  • forum posts
  • support tickets
  • comments in docs, blog
  • requests via social network

It means that your feedback is essential for us as it helps us choose the right direction in product development and concentrate on the most valuable features. This ensures that the functions expected and preferred by you will be implemented in our next releases.

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Enhance File Management with a Webix widget File Manager

With the increase in using web applications, the need for a widget that allows working with hierarchical data becomes primary. A web-based file manager is a good solution for managing such type of data within any modern web browser.

Today we are glad to present you a new Webix widget intended for organizing your data in the Internet – File Manager. It is a JavaScript and HTML5 component that allows you to manage hierarchical data, e.g. files and folders.

Webix File Manager Widget

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