“Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie
where you are also the murderer”. Filipe Fortes

Want to develop Webix-based apps wisely and efficiently? Tired of red-eye nights spent by the computer screen? Still feel pain after catching that naughty untrackable bug last week?

Then it’s high time to arm yourself with technology and knowledge. Today I am going to get you acquainted with debugging tools that Webix offers right out of the box.

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In this article we’ll concentrate on two of the existing programming paradigms: Imperative programming and Declarative programming. We’ll check the main features of both of them and try to understand what pros and cons they have.

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Electron is an open-source framework that allows you to develop cross-platform desktop apps using web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

If you’re a web developer that has an idea of an app that no one can live without, you may wish to enlarge your audience by creating a desktop version as well. But multi-platform desktop application development involves the use of many different technologies, which significantly complicates the task.


The main aim of this article is to learn how you can create cross-platform applications using Webix JavaScript Library and Electron. Besides that, we’ll use Node.js for the server-side part of our project and gulp to build project.
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Firebase is a back-end service that allows you to store and synchronize data quickly. All you need to do is to focus on your data and Firebase will do the rest.

Webix, in its turn, provides a wide variety of components that you can use for building a user interface, from simple inputs to complex components, such as datatable, scheduler or spreadsheet, and even accessible UI components.


Real-time firebase apps allow users to get new information as soon as it is published. There’s no need in reloading. New data appears on the screen right after the update. This functionality can be used for demonstrating real-time changes in the form of different types of charts, for example.

In this article we’ll learn the basics of building real-time web applications with Webix UI and Firebase by Google.
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Spring is already in the air with its smell of inspiration and excitement. It is the best time of the year to plant the seeds of future foundations, but I know the people who can already reap the fruits of their labour that started 2 years ago.

Webix and Gantt show case

Today I would like to let the GanttPRO team showcase their online project-management tool that, among other tools, is built with Webix. In March 2015 they hit the market and now can boast the 200.000-audience.

That’s not an ordinary showcase. We had a chance to speak with GanttPRO developers and question them about their experience in working with Webix library. You can find their ultimate and honest answers in the below article.
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