Developers don’t like monotonous coding. But even with a number of tools and frameworks one often has to configure big forms by hand. Webix offers to exclude this task from your daily routine with the help of a custom Form Editor tool which was built totally on Webix public API.

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Webix 4.0
September 27 is the most important day of the year for Webix community — as we have recently announced, it is the date of Webix 4.0 release. Read more

We are happy to announce the upcoming major Webix 4.0 release with 4 remarkable updates that you will definitely appreciate: accessibility, Angular 2 compatibility, updated SpreadSheet, new widget, control and improvements.

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Hey all! Can you already smell the autumn in the air? Alas, the fruitful summer gradually comes to an end, and it’s time to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Webix :) Today I suggest you to brush up your knowledge of data components by uncovering one of the base concepts – DataStore. In the article below you will learn what is hidden behind visual presentation and may pick useful snippets for working with data.

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Webix 3.4 released

Hey guys!

We are so glad to present our new Webix 3.4 update today! Hope you are still fresh and rested after the weekend and ready to test something new, because definitely we have a bunch of features to show. Here we go!

Webix 3.4 release

Webix Remote for PHP and NodeJS

Establishing communication between a client and a server can be rather a difficult task. While working with a single component it may cause little problem, but any reasonably big app becomes a mess of AJAX calls on the client side and pretty tangled code on the server side.

To make your life easier, Webix 3.4 provides a solution to call server-side code directly from JavaScript. Read more