Webix 3.0: Webix Jet, Visual Designer, New functionality

Now September is in its most colourful phase and we are happy to present our powerful updates. Today we want to highlight a release of Webix 3.0 that adds two absolutely new ways to build a Webix based app and new features, which are unique, and can’t be found in any other HTML frameworks.

Webix 3.0


Let’s start with 2 major updates.

Webix Jet – framework that works

Webix UI helps you to create apps faster by providing rich widgets. Still the whole app is more complex than just a set of widgets. Developers also need to arrange their code nicely as well as solve such tasks as app routing, state saving, code re-usage and etc. To cover all above concerns, we are introducing micro framework Webix Jet as part of the release. It will definitely save your time and efforts.

Webix Jet micro framework


You may continue using Webix in a way you are used to, but if you want to try Webix Jet – here are the docs.

Visual designer – drag it and drop it

Starting from version 3.0, you can create UI in the visual designer. Just choose the necessary widgets, arrange and rearrange them with drag-and-drop, tune their properties and get the resulting code. You can design and prototype the interface without mastering the art of JavaScript.

Webix Visual Designer


The tool is currently in the beta state. It is fully functional, but we still have lots of features in mind.

New functionality

And, of course, version Webix 3.0 adds other cool features

       Infinity Sub-Views in Grid to improve your user experience

Now you can show complex data with Webix UI in a more flexible way. From version 3.0 Webix Datatable can include a Sub-row or a Sub-view in each row. Now you can embed another datatable or any widget (or even complex UI!) into a Datatable row.

Webix Sub-Views

       Import and Export

There are cases when HTML is not enough; with Webix 3.0 you can extend your app beyond HTML borders

  • you can use PdfView to embed PDF document into the UI
  • you can use ExcelView to embed Excel document into the UI
  • you can use excel file as data source for any component
  • you can export any data component back to Excel
  • you can export any Webix component to PNG

All above solutions are fully client-side, so there’s no need for any special server side software.

       Other features and improvements

Resizable windows, dynamic loading for treetable, performance improvements, more strict security and ton of fixes. Check full list of updates.

Also, please check the migration guide, although no serious breaking changes occurred, there are some updates that may require some modifications in an already written code.

As you see, we have been working very hard to provide you with powerful features and updates.

So what do we suggest you in the end of September? Add “When September ends” to your playlist, explore our new updates and leave your feedback in our forum.

Enjoy the time with Webix and have a nice day!

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Olga Vazhnik

Olga Vazhnik

Webix product manager. Interested in creating strong, hand over hand relationships between the company and its customers using Internet marketing.
  • Bloody awesome! :-) The Visual Designer is a big plus to all of us who want to understand the layout principles, how the components behave in the page and also for quick prototyping.
    Indeed, it’s still in beta, but it has a great potential.
    I will keep playing with it and all the other cool features that comes with version 3.0.
    Again, thanks alot for such a wonderful framework nd keep up the good work!

    • Thank you very much for your feedback! We will do our best to make a good job :)

  • D Murphy

    Great stuff, look forward to digging in.

    Question: “Now you can embed another datatable or any widget (or even complex UI!) into a Datatable row.”

    Would this allow for embedding a chart within a grid cell, similar to what ExtJS does? see here:

    • Helga

      Thank you for the feedback)

      Subview functionality does not presuppose adding widgets directly in visible rows, but it allows creating subrows where additional views can be put. Please, look at the sample that illustrates a possible use case with a chart:

      At the same time,datatable rows (list items, etc.) can house active elements like buttons, checkboxes (other form controls) : sample. You can as well place a chart this way, but only with static data for all rows.

  • Marcus

    Visual Designer blow me away, great stuff :D. Do you plan to integrate EmberJs with webix for example an ember-cli plugin for webix? Couse Webix and Ember are the best things on the market at the moment and in the near future

    • Ember the best thing? It’s much slower than React.

    • +1
      Ember.js is a complete framework and a nice thing to play with.
      Therefore, integration with Ember.js would be a good thing.
      @Webix Team, We are waiting for a feedback on this topic. 10x

  • Tony Vezhnevets

    Thank you guys, Visual designer is really cool! Well done 😉

  • Barton

    Any chance of displaying the results in HTML Markup? I work exclusively w/ HTML markup. This would be very beneficial as there are idiosyncrasies w/ the markup approach.

  • Muuurica

    Boy… This product really had me hopeful, that is until I noticed the ‘full cancer’ for even open projects. :

  • Jonathan Griffin

    Killer release!!! You guys keep pushing and the results are amazing. The visual designer is smooth and well laid out. Jet has my curiosity. :) Good stuff!!!

  • Gabriel Coach

    Hey Im having a bit of trouble starting an app with Webix Jet. Anyone mind giving me some guidance?

  • David Grossi

    Really good to have a visual designer. I’ve tried it and unfortunately, it get stucked after a few drag&drops. Lot’s of js errors in the console. Same in Chrome / IE / Firefox. Not usable at the moment. It would very usefull to have a stable version of it.

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