Webix UI 2015 Roadmap

Everybody plans their work, Webix team is not an exception. Today we want to share our plans concerning library improvements.

Thus, we will present you the Webix Roadmap for 2015.

By publishing roadmaps (we are going to continue this tradition) we will make our ideas transparent.

All the plans described in Roadmap are formed on the basis of the following issues:

  • trends in IT industry
  • forum posts
  • support tickets
  • comments in docs, blog
  • requests via social network

It means that your feedback is essential for us as it helps us choose the right direction in product development and concentrate on the most valuable features. This ensures that the functions expected and preferred by you will be implemented in our next releases.

So let’s learn about the plans that we are currently implementing and those ideas that we are going to realize in the near future.

Here you can find a nice-looking Trello desk with tasks that we set for ourselves. They are distributed by such categories as features, api, components, server-side integrations and more. You can vote for the feature that you find useful and attractive as well as subscribe to the feature updates.

Webix Roadmap 2015

We are looking forward to your suggestions on extending and complementing our Roadmap for 2015. Share your ideas and stay tuned for Webix news.

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Veronika Lindorenko

Veronika Lindorenko

Webix product manager since 2012, interested in SMM and usability. She strives to make the online world better by creating qualitative and catching content.
  • dmoshal

    I continue to believe that making your product ‘reactive’, like React / Knockout / AngularJS / GluJS, should be on your radar. GluJS is probably the closest to your product as it provides a reactive MVVM pattern to another declarative javascript-based framework.

  • Mangap

    I hope Webix add more programmer to help Maksim. Good luck

    • Veronika Lindorenko

      Webix team includes lots of people, but Maksim is a public representative that publishes technical materials.

      • Mangap

        Thank you for the clarification.

  • Excellent initiative – much appreciate the transparency.

    Some feedback:
    * “Portlet layouts” appears in both Features and Components
    * what is the difference between Components and Widgets?
    * doesn’t the “Webix with MeteorJS” tutorial need a Server Side Integrations card for Meteor.js?

    Thank you again, this is a great step forward!

    • Veronika Lindorenko

      Thanks for your comment and feedback, Dan. We’ve fixed the mentioned 1st and 3rd minor bugs.
      What concerns your second issue, I should say that “Components” will be the part of webix.js while “Widgets” will be separate Webix elements like Pivot, Kanban, Scheduler.

      • Re. the 3rd minor bug, is there a new “Server-side integration with Meteor.js”? I don’t seem to be able to find it.

        • Veronika Lindorenko

          No, “Integration with Meteor.js” is in “Tutorials/Integrations” column. The column was renamed.

  • tormahiri

    hello ,i have some suggest for webix team,i am middle eastren man, there are lot people that want to build own website or own web app but there are some fitfall that is webix not full support right-to-left layout,included bidirectional layout,we are using bidirectioanl text like arabic on every day life ,so we need to right-t-left layout support,we hope to webix team implement right-to-left layout for middle eastren people,thanks final we really need to support right-to-left layout !

    • Maksim Kozhukh

      While we don’t have RTL support in our middle-term plans, it is quite easy to achieve the RTL behavior from existing components with a help of css

      Check the next example, it just adds the direction:rlt and layouts are correctly mirrored.

      • tormahiri

        thanks very much for some suggest,but there are some technology company in the my own country ,thats little bit useful for we ,thats not enough for current technology evolution ,also have not full feature like webix so we need it ,we hope to webix team default support for right-to-left user interface webix’s next version ,thanks!

    • Guest

      Hello, we are not planning to add a separate right-to-left layout support in the near future. But you can already change the orientation of the text via CSS.

    • To be honest, you guys would save a lot of time and money if you just adopted the Left-to-Right text direction that everyone uses.

      • tormahiri

        my country local people does not using left-to-right user interface ,because tradition not allowed for it also they not like it

  • tormahiri

    we need to right-to-left user interface not right-to-left text,i’m working lot time for user interface so we need to i! finally i hope to webix full support to right-to left user interface

  • tormahiri

    i decide to leave some right-to-left user interface website that are made using some mixed css framework

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