Developer License Agreement

We support free software and publicly provide you two types of Webix License:

  • GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) for open source projects. It means that if you release any program that uses Webix to the public in some way, the GPL requires you to make the modified source code available to the program's users. Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) License is also available.
  • Webix Developer License for business objectives. If you do not want to disclose your source code Webix Developer License is for you. Webix Developer License is not for free, but you are allowed to include Webix inside any number of products developed by you which may be sold and distributed without disclosing your code.

If you want to try Webix we have Webix Trial Developer License, that allows you to use Webix for evaluation purposes. Trial period is 30 days. Please note that you can not develop a programe under GPLv3 and later convert to a commercial license.

To look at License F.A.Q. please follow this link: License F.A.Q.

Full text of GPLv3 License and quick guide you can see by the link below: GNU General Public License

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License Exception

What is the FLOSS License Exception?

This Free/Libre and Open Source Software (“FLOSS”) License Exception allows developers of FLOSS applications to use Webix in their FLOSS applications. Webix is licensed pursuant to version 3 of the General Public License (“GPL”). This exception permits distribution of Webix with a developer’s FLOSS application licensed under the terms of another FLOSS license listed below, despite the fact that not all FLOSS licenses are compatible with this version of GPL.

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