Hi guys!

Today, in the middle of June, we would like to share with you a fresh and still hot showcase directly from sunny Argentina. It was kindly provided by Diego Ferruchelli.

data analysis


“Curvas (Spanish for “curves”) is a tool for data analysis and business modeling intended to be used in such spheres as agricultural insurance and risk management. It was prepared as a part of my independent consulting services for a local company which was developing a new product in this field.

I was using Webix for another application, and I felt it was the natural way to go with this one, in which good user interaction and charting are key features. Read more

Hey everyone!

We continue to publish real showcases of customer applications made with Webix. Today we’d like to share a new article from SFM BV about their product called XLReporting.

“We are a team of finance, accounting, and IT experts in the Netherlands. We specialize in information management, and provide solutions and services to our corporate clients for financial management, consolidation, budgeting, and reporting. Our clients vary in size from SME’s to large corporates across the world.



Years ago we launched a very successful product called XLReporting at request of our clients, which has seen many versions and improvements ever since, and which enjoys a large installed user base. For years, the product has been a client-server solution with an Excel add-in and workbooks communicating to a back-end SQL Server instance, and it is still widely used and actively soldpurchased today. Read more

Grow with Webix: Real Showcase from Rael Bauer

Hey everyone!

We continue publishing real showcases from our customers, which were made on Webix. Today we’d like to share an article about the RightNote, personal information manager program for Windows, provided by Rael Bauer.

“RightNote is an advanced personal information manager program for Windows. It allows you to store all bits and pieces of information in a single place and then you can access that information later. For example you can capture webpages, store source code snippets, spreadsheet, project notes etc.. all in a single place. More information can be found here: http://www.bauerapps.com/rightnote/

Webix Showcase


We wanted to provide our users with a way to publish their knowledge bases to the web or to mobile devices, so that they could then access or present their information on these platforms.

This meant exporting the RightNote databases to a html/javascript format. We wanted to make sure that the output looked good and was also easy to use and navigate, hopefully providing some functionality similar to the desktop app. We also wanted the javascript to work straight from the file system, i.e. without requiring a server. (Many javascript libraries work fine on a server, but come to halt on filesystems). Read more

Grow with Webix: Real Showcase from BNDC company

Bonjour everyone!

Another week, another cool showcase from our customers. Today we are glad to present an article from Bruno Denis from french company BNDC. The project, which was made on Webix, is called MyMetriks. So here you go.

MyMetriks is a simple and intuitive dashboarding platform. Build 100% HTML5 and nodejs, it gives to all users possibilities to create/customise the dashboards they really need. It is cheap, based on all latest technologies and really fast thanks to in-memory data cube management.

Dashboard Design

MyMetriks made on Webix


All operations are done via simple click or drag and drop, even dashboards creation. All the solutions are based on Webix framework. We have developped our own Nodejs ajax JSON adapter based on Webix proxy. The platform is fairly simple: nodejs, mysql, Webix and a specific columnar database for Business Intelligence performances. Read more

Highlight your company with Webix

Hi, everyone!

They say that Monday is a tough day. We say that Monday is a right time for new beginning. That is why today we decided to start our new project, in which everyone, who deals with Webix, can participate.

Highlight your company with Webix


I think, you will agree that before you buy a product or a service, it would be cool to read the reviews of people who have already used it. And if we are talking about building applications, it would be nice to see real cases that have already been created. That is why every week in our blog we will publish an article that describes a real use case which was made with Webix by our customers.

Everyone, who has a product or an application made with Webix library! If your project is not internal, confidential or private, and you want to share it publicly and highlight your company in our blog – my email is open for your cool articles.

What we expect to get: a full description of your product, for what purpose and for whom it was developed, 3-5 screenshots, as well as the information about your company (link to the website or your blog, your company’s name and the name of the product), and any additional information you want to share.

By the end of this year we will publish all the articles. Then we will choose the most interesting application or solution based on Webix JavaScript UI library and announce the winner.

Hurry up, maybe exactly your app is the most interesting one!