Spring is already in the air with its smell of inspiration and excitement. It is the best time of the year to plant the seeds of future foundations, but I know the people who can already reap the fruits of their labour that started 2 years ago.

Webix and Gantt show case

Today I would like to let the GanttPRO team showcase their online project-management tool that, among other tools, is built with Webix. In March 2015 they hit the market and now can boast the 200.000-audience.

That’s not an ordinary showcase. We had a chance to speak with GanttPRO developers and question them about their experience in working with Webix library. You can find their ultimate and honest answers in the below article.
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Hi guys!

Today, we will continue highlighting the most useful articles for the newcomers that have been published in the first half of this year.

Webix blog

Webix TreeMap – Power of Visualization

Still don’t know how to visualize your data? With the help of Webix TreeMap we will show you how! Webix TreeMap is a powerful widget that can display hierarchical data on a proportional basis. It is interactive, easy to read and quick to analyze. Read more

Since the beginning of 2015 many useful articles have been published. In the meantime, a lot of new customers joined Webix. So, why not to refresh our memory (for those, who forgot) and to share (for those, who are new) 5 most interesting articles of the first half of this year.

Webix top-5

Navigate your way. Sidebar and Sidemenu

If you’re wondering how you can simplify navigation in your application, this article is definitely for you! Two extensions – Sidebar and Sidemenu will make your life easier during application navigation. While having similar appearance, they differ in their behavior. Sidebar menu is a Tree-based widget intended for creating collapsible menu bars out of complex hierarchical data. Sidemenu is Window-based, can be attached to any side of the screen and is able to contain any view inside it. Read more

Webix 3.3 release

Hey guys!

Someone is waiting for May Day celebration, and someone is ready for our new Webix 3.3 release. So what have changed and what has been added since our last update? Webix 3.3, here we go!

Webix 3.3 release

Full support for drag-and-drop functionality on touch devices

We have added drag-n-drop support for scrollable widgets on touch screens – one of the top requested and long anticipated features. Now drag-n-drop starts on long-touch for touch screens. Read more

Hi everybody. Today we will be speaking about Webix ways to optimize server-client communication in case of huge data. Those of you who are happy to fetch long datasets at once, please raise your hands!

Webix dynamic loading


Just as I’ve expected, nobody’s here.  Everybody has gone to dynamic loading which is implemented very easily with Webix data components.

    view:"datatable", url:"mydata.php", datafetch:100

Initially, a limited number of records (e.g. 100) is loaded, while further requests are triggered by scrolling or paging automatically. Guys, isn’t it nice?

Still, such a pattern requires quite a specific format of a server response –  {data:[ /*array of records*/], pos:0, total_count:100  } – and you may ask yourself: “So what should I do, if I cannot tune the response or I don’t know the total length of server-side data?” Indeed, there are lots of web services that do not provide such information.

The article below shows the solution that relies totally on Webix public API and can be built by any of you. Read more