Rich Webix Form with Automatic Configuration

Developers don’t like monotonous coding. But even with a number of tools and frameworks one often has to configure big forms by hand. Webix offers to exclude this task from your daily routine with the help of a custom Form Editor tool which was built totally on Webix public API.

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While football players are restricted by the field area (watching the championship, eh?), web developers compete with each other in an even smaller battlefield called viewport. And the one wins who manages to occupy every inch of it wisely.

carousel widget vs multiview


Still,  you can always add one more layer  to your application and choose content you’d like to show first. No doubt, Webix is always at hand with ready-made solutions for multiple-view layouts:  

  • Accordion widget
  • Carousel widget
  • Multiview widget

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Hi guys!

Today, we will continue highlighting the most useful articles for the newcomers that have been published in the first half of this year.

Webix blog

Webix TreeMap – Power of Visualization

Still don’t know how to visualize your data? With the help of Webix TreeMap we will show you how! Webix TreeMap is a powerful widget that can display hierarchical data on a proportional basis. It is interactive, easy to read and quick to analyze. Read more

Webix TreeMap – Power of Visualization

Webix offers a number of possibilities to nicely visualize linear data – bar, pie, area, scatter and radar charts – to match any use case. But what can be done if hierarchy matters?  You may think of a Webix Tree as the first and foremost widget as it perfectly shows parent-to-child relation. But that’s almost all about its visualization abilities.

For more powerful tools we should look into the PRO package that includes Organogram (a tree-like diagram ) and TreeMap. We will pay a closer attention to the Webix TreeMap as it is the only Webix widget that can display hierarchical data on a proportional  basis.

The simplest initialization code is brief:

     view:"treemap", value:”#value#”,  
     template: function(item){  return item.label||""; },

And you get the following output:

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Oscar for DiCaprio – Visual Designer for you!

Hey guys!

It is the last month of the winter and only 25 days are left before Oscar, the main American awards ceremony.

We could not pass by such an event. And if you hope and believe, the same as we do, that Leonardo DiCaprio, not the bear, will get the Oscar, click “Like” and “Share”.

Visual designer


At the end of the month, in case this talented actor wins, all participants will get an annual access to the PRO edition of our Visual Designer, which is scheduled for release exactly at the end of February.

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