We are happy to introduce Webix 4.1 UI library with a Gage widget, Rich Text Editor control, and upgrades for Charts widget. This release of Webix JavaScript library will help you to solve the task of displaying dynamic data. You can create a dashboard for monitoring the performance of several resources and even a complex control panel like in a vehicle or weather station. For more information check our previous updates: minor Webix 3.4 and major Webix 4.0.

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Meet Webix 4.0 with 4 big changes

Webix 4.0
September 27 is the most important day of the year for Webix community — as we have recently announced, it is the date of Webix 4.0 release. Read more

Webix 4.0 is coming soon: 4 big changes

We are happy to announce the upcoming major Webix 4.0 release with 4 remarkable updates that you will definitely appreciate: accessibility, Angular 2 compatibility, updated SpreadSheet, new widget, control and improvements.

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Webix 3.4 released

Hey guys!

We are so glad to present our new Webix 3.4 update today! Hope you are still fresh and rested after the weekend and ready to test something new, because definitely we have a bunch of features to show. Here we go!

Webix 3.4 release

Webix Remote for PHP and NodeJS

Establishing communication between a client and a server can be rather a difficult task. While working with a single component it may cause little problem, but any reasonably big app becomes a mess of AJAX calls on the client side and pretty tangled code on the server side.

To make your life easier, Webix 3.4 provides a solution to call server-side code directly from JavaScript. Read more

Coming soon: Webix 3.4 release

Hey, guys!

Let’s be clear, have you also been affected by Pokemania? How many Pikachus have you caught by now? 😉 Yes, we also were exploring the streets, but not at working hours, when we were preparing the release of Webix 3.4. Don’t miss it, the launch day is the 26th of July.

Webix 3.4 coming soon

What to expect from our new Webix 3.4 update?

Both under GPL license and in PRO edition:

1) Webix Remote for PHP and NodeJS (built-in solution for tight integration between the server-side and client-side code);

2)  Month and Year pickers;

3)  API to hide/show options in Tabbar and Form controls;

Only in PRO edition:

4)  Four new sparkline types (Bar, Area, Splice and Pie) for DataTable and TreeTable;

5)  Formatting patterns for Form inputs;

6)  Frozen rows feature for DataTable;

and, of course, lots of other updates and bug fixes.

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