Webix 4.2 comes out: new features overview

Release 4.2 is available for downloading from our website. Moreover, for the first time both Standard and PRO versions of Webix can be installed via npm package manager. Let’s look at the library’s new features.
Webix and Vue.js integration
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We are happy to introduce Webix 4.1 UI library with a Gage widget, Rich Text Editor control, and upgrades for Charts widget. This release of Webix JavaScript library will help you to solve the task of displaying dynamic data. You can create a dashboard for monitoring the performance of several resources and even a complex control panel like in a vehicle or weather station. For more information check our previous updates: minor Webix 3.4 and major Webix 4.0.

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Release Webix 3.1

Let’s say “Good bye” to the rainy weather and “Good day” to our new release of Webix 3.1! Less than 2 month passed since our last big update of Webix 3.0, and we are already ready to present the new one.



Our library is updated with new widgets – SideMenu and TreeMap. We also created a new component – Sidebar, which is not included in the package, but you can download it right now.

What we have in the programme today:

  1. TreeMap;
  2. Sidebar;
  3. Sidemenu;
  4. AutoWidth for Menus and Buttons.

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Coming soon: Webix update 3.1

Hey everybody! Little by little, rainy autumn comes to its end and we want to announce our new release of Webix update 3.1, which will take place on 24th of November.



Not so long ago we were telling about our plans on new features and updates in the Path to Webix 4.0. All the features, that were missed in the Webix version 3.0, have not been discarded and will be included in our next updates.

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Web Desktop with Webix UI

A picture is worth a hundred words, and a nice live demo – even thousands. So don’t think – click on the image below and keep reading this article after watching the demo.


What is it

The demo above shows how the Web Desktop can be created on the base of Webix ui components. Such kind of shell can be used by remote user, providing them the desktop-like environment, where users can access the remote data and work with it. Users can launch inner apps, organize them on the screen, switch between them. All the same can be done with common desktop web apps. And it works in any browser ( even in IE8! )

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