Terms of use

Terms of use

(Last updated May 1, 2012)

Using Webix website automatically implies your acceptance of the terms described on this page below. Breach of these terms comes at the risk of possible legal action being taken by Webix.
All the information on Webix’s website is protected by copyright law and can’t be duplicated and distributed without our written consent.
The information on Webix’s website is provided “as is”. Website materials can be updated and changed at the developer’s decision at any time. Changes of the product or the website itself can be made anytime without advance notice.
The materials on Webix’s website may include some technical or typographical errors. The developer of Webix is not responsible for the accuracy of the provided information and assumes no responsibility for consequences from the use of the available resources on its website.
Links to other Internet addresses placed on this website contain information independent of Webix. Webix does not approve, certify or control these linked sites and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or correct sequencing of information that they contain.
Under no circumstances is Webix liable to any entity for damages or loss of profit arising out of the use of this website and the materials it contains.
Any claim related to Webix’s website shall be governed by international laws and regulations.

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Veronika Lindorenko

Veronika Lindorenko

Webix product manager since 2012, interested in SMM and usability. She strives to make the online world better by creating qualitative and catching content.
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