Webix Uploader is a JavaScript widget that provides an easy and reliable way to upload data to the server. This widget allows you to browse directories in your PC and choose important files while also supporting a function that allows you to drag-and-drop files into its work area.
Webix Uploader

Multi-file Upload

Webix Uploader allows multiple files to be uploaded at once and also allows you to set restrictions on the amount of files being uploaded.

Prefilling Uploader with Files

Before uploading certain files on the server you can place all of them in Webix Uploader like in Shopping Cart and after checking the content start the uploading process.

Progress Bar

The feature progress bar enables your end user to keep track of the upload speed.

Part of HTML Form

Uploader can be included into the document body section inside HTML form tags, and these forms also allow you to name the folder where uploaded files will be placed.

Invisible Uploader

Invisible uploader lets you trigger the process of uploading without pushing the dedicated control. It is used alongside data management widgets and allows you to edit pictures on the client side.

Browsers Compatibility

Webix Uploader operates greatly in most modern browsers like IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Apple Safari.

Ready for Touch Devices

Webix Uploader can be a part of an eye-catching web app that will correctly run on touch devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows RT). This Webix widget supports touch events and can be customized to rendering on small size screens.

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Veronika Lindorenko

Veronika Lindorenko

Webix product manager since 2012, interested in SMM and usability. She strives to make the online world better by creating qualitative and catching content.
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