Webix Calendar is a JavaScript calendar that can be effortlessly included into your app or web page. This widget allows your end users to select days, months, years and even current time.

webix calendar
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Localized CalendarView Demo

Webix Calendar can be easily localized that allows changing the language of month and day names to whichever language is desired. Moreover, this JavaScript widget can show the week’s number and can be easily adapted to the local week’s starting day.

localized calendar
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Date Range and Date Range PickerView Demo

With DateRange and DateRangePicker functionality you can see date range and pick the dates from multiple calendars like on a booking site.

date range picker
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Easy Connection to Text InputView Demo

If you connect this JavaScript calendar with a text input by using the control Datepicker you’ll give your end-users the option to pick a desired date.

date picker
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Styling with Standard CSSView Demo

CSS fully defines the appearance of Webix Calendar making it lightweight and easily managed.

CSS Styling calendar
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Browsers compatibility

Webix Calendar is highly compatible with popular browsers such as IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Ready for Touch Devices

Webix JavaScript Calendar can be used in mobile apps that operate on all modern touch devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone devices.

Windows and Popups