Webix Combo is a full-featured Javascript combo box control that allows you to create a text input with a list of specified options, and as you type, those options show up in a list below the input box. Combo allows items filtering that shows all changes on the go.

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Webix Combo has a in-built search feature that allows users to find and select from a pre-defined list of values as they type.

Autocomplete Behavior

This JavaScript combo box widget displays auto-complete options for users to select.

Rich List Items Visualization

It is possible to add images for drop-down options and icons for the input, which will make your combobox more visually appealing.

Keyboard Navigation

It is possible to use the arrow keys for switching between the Combo items. Press the down arrow to move down the selection. Press the up arrow to move up the selection. Press the Tab key to navigate between several combos in form.

Multiple SelectionView Demo

This advanced feature will allow you to select multiple combo options at the same time. This will considerably simplify and speed up your users’ interaction with apps. Furthermore, it is possible to edit the text field and the items will be filtered according to the input values.

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Dataview and Grid Suggest

You can enhance your Webix Combo by redefining its dropdown menu with a DataView suggest or Grid suggest extensions. Thus, the first extension allows setting Webix dataview for a dropdown menu and the last one makes it possible to use a grid with all its features instead of a standard drop-down list.

Browsers Compatibility

Webix Combo supports almost all modern desktop and mobile web browsers like Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, IE Mobile, Android, Opera Mobile, Mobile Safari(IPhone, IPad). The widget automatically detects the type of browser and adjusts its internal behavior for optimal rendering.

Ready for Touch Devices

Combo widget can take part in building mobile web apps that run on all popular touch devices. This JavaScript combo box can perform all touch events properly and is nicely visualized on small touch screens.

Windows and Popups