Making a web application should be easy.

While developing Webix, we have tried to create components that simplify the development of web applications. Fast, clear, customizable; Such are the components we needed for our projects.

However, it was not enough. Every time we were developing new applications, we invented new solutions about how to keep the code, how to organize navigation, how to work with the server-side code and lots of other boring tasks. After a while, we decided that enough is enough. Eventually, all the best practices for developing on Webix were combined into a micro-framework. So, that’s how Webix Jet was born.

webix jet micro framework


What is Webix Jet

Webix Jet is a micro framework for a single-page application. As you probably know, Webix is a library of diverse and separate UI components. Webix Jet is a framework which allows you to combine and reuse them all and to create and develop your perfect app with minimal code footprint and without stress.

It is very light in weight (less than 10 kb of code ), works with any back end (NodeJs, PHP, .Net ) and can be used for both Desktop and Mobile apps. Read more

Path to Webix 4.0

You may already be aware of the release of Webix 3.0 only one week ago with more new cool features. That doesn’t mean that we are going to rest on our laurels. What it means is that we have already started working on the next Webix update.

Webix roadmap


To tell the truth, not all features that were planned for version 3.0 were included in the final release. We were a bit over-optimistic with our previous estimates. Nevertheless, features missing in version 3.0 have not been discarded and will be included in our next updates.

Webix UI

Version 3.1 (the date of release is the end of November) will contain the long-expected side-menu component and auto-sizing functionality for menu and buttons (that is mandatory for any multilingual app).

What is more, the next version will have layouts with absolute float positioning and data-map component that will allow you to visualize complex data similar to the next: Read more

Now September is in its most colourful phase and we are happy to present our powerful updates. Today we want to highlight a release of Webix 3.0 that adds two absolutely new ways to build a Webix based app and new features, which are unique, and can’t be found in any other HTML frameworks.

Webix 3.0


Let’s start with 2 major updates.

Webix Jet – framework that works

Webix UI helps you to create apps faster by providing rich widgets. Still the whole app is more complex than just a set of widgets. Developers also need to arrange their code nicely as well as solve such tasks as app routing, state saving, code re-usage and etc. To cover all above concerns, we are introducing micro framework Webix Jet as part of the release. It will definitely save your time and efforts.

Read more

Hey everyone!

September 22 – mark the date in your calendar, because exactly on this day we will be glad to present our new major update – Webix 3.0. As autumn is a start of a working year, we decided to start it with a big upgrade.

Webix 3.0


What September 22 will bring:

  1. Webix Jet – a micro framework on top of Webix UI, which will allow you to combine and reuse all of diverse and separate UI components, and to create and develop your perfect app with minimal code footprint and without any stress.
  2. Visual designer – a tool for creating UI by drag and drop.
  3. New, even more powerful functionality for grids: Sub-rows, Sub-grid, Sub-form.
    a) ability to show really complex data in the datatables
    b) nested tables
    c) master and slave data in the same table
  4. Import/Export to PNG and Excel – no longer need to take screenshots or start separate tables. It definitely simplifies tasks’ solving and saves your time.

As usual, we have something to share.

Stay tuned and see you next week!

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Unlike the regular menus that you can create using the Menu Component, Mega Menus are big and wide enough to allow you place other components and widgets within them. Such a type of menus is widely used on the online shopping websites since it’s pretty easy to use them for navigation purposes.

Here’s an example of how these menu works:

Mega menu built with webix

The demo of the final mega menu with its source code is here.

In this article, we’ll create our own mega menu with Webix in a few easy steps.

Read more

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