We are glad to announce our small but effective and long-expected Webix update 2.5! First of all, we can boast of Microsoft Edge support. Despite this new browser for Windows 10 hasn’t been released yet, Webix widgets already support it. Secondly, we’ve improved our complex widgets such as Pivot and Kanban as well as added an opportunity to block time in Calendar widget. And the final traditional update is bugs fixing.

If you are too busy to read the whole post, you can download a new library version here.

Microsoft Edge ready

Since the version 2.5, Webix supports Microsoft Edge, which is a default browser for upcoming Windows 10. Microsoft has announced that it would have plenty of JS improvements over IE11 and similar performance to Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Webix is Microsofr edge ready

Webix is MS edge ready, which means that your web apps will run flawlessly across a new cutting edge browser as soon as it is officially released (on July, 29).

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Portal Layout Creation with Portlet

Webix version 2.4 brings you a new UI component that allows creating portal layouts in an easy and intuitive way. Portlet component can be dragged over the page and swapped with other portlets. This behaviour allows you to rearrange your web page elements the way you want. Let’s take a look at the basics of portlet usage.

Portlets Basics

You can create a basic portlet in the same way as other Webix UI components. Just set “portlet” as the view property value. The body property defines the portlet content:

view:"portlet", body:{
    // portlet content

By arranging portlets into rows and columns, you can create the required layout which can be easily reorganized if necessary:

    { view:"portlet", body:{
        template:"Row 1"
    { view:"portlet", body:{
        template:"Row 2"
    { type:"wide", cols:[
         { view:"portlet", mode: "cols",body:{
            template:"Col 1"
         { view:"portlet", mode: "cols", body:{
            template:"Col 2",

The result is shown below:

webix portlet widget

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Using Webix in Open Source

We love open source and are willing to make this part of Webix community bigger and happier. Starting from Webix 2.4, in addition to the ability to use Webix in GPL projects, we add a FLOSS Exception to the existing GPL License. Thanks to this update, you can use Webix in your applications distributed under MIT, BSD and other open source licenses!

Webix loves open source

Thus, you can use Webix in open source projects that exists under a license that is a part of the FLOSS Exception List without taking into consideration the GPLv3 restrictions. The only requirement implies that your open source project should be intended for using by end-users but not for creating a library for software development purposes.

FLOSS License List

Want to know which FLOSS licenses can Webix be distributed under?

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Form Handling with Validation Messages

Starting with version 2.4, Webix provides you with a new way of user interaction improvement. Validation Messages can be pretty useful in case you want to make sure that users will fill in all your web forms properly.

Let’s take a look at how it works. Here’s an example of a registration form:

Registration form

You can check the Form documentation page if you want to get more details of form creation with Webix.

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We have some great news for you! Webix was updated to the version 2.4 which includes such great enhancements as a new Portlet widget, MultiCombo and Range Slider form controls, naming only the smallest part of all the changes.

Portlet widget

Portlet is a layout component that can include another component inside of it. Moreover, it’s possible to re-order portlets by drag-and-dropping them in the necessary position on your web page.

webix portlet

Therefore, you shouldn’t write lines of code to change the arrangement of your web page. All that you need is to grab a portlet by the handler with an inserted widget and put it at the place of future drop which is highlighted by a specific color. Want to check its performance? View this demo.

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