Drag-and-Drop within Webix Widgets

Webix features the drag-and-drop functionality that is available not only for desktop but also for mobile devices.

The library allows making drag-and-drop operations within a widget itself as well as between a few different widgets or even between the same widgets. In this article it goes about drag-and-drop operations within Webix data management widgets.

Learn how to implement this functionality with ease.

Drag-and-drop modes

Firstly, make sure that both target and source widgets have the drag property set to true. Basically, it is enough to enable drag-and-drop.

    ..//treetable config

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Webix 2.0 Released with Better Performance

Good news from Webix team! The release of new Webix 2.0 is ready! It is a serious version number that’s why we’ve prepared lots of useful updates for you.

Enhanced DataTable

Most Webix widgets have been updated but DataTable has undergone the greatest improvements . Let’s start with it.

Now it has such cool features as:

  • Rowspan and Colspan
  • Header menu
  • Advanced editors
  • Grouped columns
  • Saving current state
  • Advanced filter
  • Vertical header
  • Custom height for footers and headers

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New Webix Developer Tool - Form Builder

It is believed that one of the most boring tasks in web-development is a form creating. Nowadays nearly any web app contains at least one form inside. The process of creating them over and over again isn’t much fun. That’s why we have created Form Builder.

This tool is intended to speed up the process of form creating. You just need to define the necessary fields as well as the desired form layout and then customize the auto generated form through the visual editor.

Webix Form Builder Tool

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Webix 1.10: Fixes and IE12 compatibility

Today it is the time for our monthly Webix updates. This new version 1.10 doesn’t include any great features for now, only a few bug fixes and small updates. You can check the full list of changes here.

updated webix documentation

Though we can’t boast an abundance of new features, we still have two major news:

  • starting with version 1.10 Webix is IE12 ready. Despite this version of IE hasn’t been released yet, all widgets of Webix UI already support it.
  • we have updated the documentation. Now it includes more articles, less typos and new mobile-friendly design. We hope that you’ll evaluate the look of our new documentation as well as its enhanced usability.

Download the latest version of Webix via this link.

Despite it is summer and the thermometer says it’s time go at the seaside we are actively preparing for the release of Webix 2.0. There a lot of plans for the next library version and we implement them little by little.

In general, the new version 2.0 will deliver an improved performance, plenty of new features, UI improvements and a smoother behaviour. In this article it goes about a few of them.

Multi-text Inputs

With Webix multi-text inputs, it will be possible to create a form where a user will be able to add multiple entries dynamically and submit them simultaneously.

webix mult-text inputs

On pressing ‘+’ icon, an additional text input will be created and added to the form. And on pressing ‘-’ icon, the input will be removed.

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