Use case of Webix UI - Gantt PRO

There are many ways how Webix UI can be used for creating an astonishing app. One of such cases is GanttPro, a modern app for scheduling projects, assigning tasks and managing their priority.

gantt pro made with Webix

The developers of GanttPRO has used the following Webix components to build a responsive, fast and data rich interface:

Ace Editor for Webix UI

Ace is a handy JavaScript code editor. It combines the possibilities and behavior of popular editors like Sublime, Vim and TextMate. Ace is maintained as the primary editor for Cloud9 IDE and is the successor of the Mozilla Skywriter (Bespin) project. You can build Ace into your web page or app with ease.

And now it is possible to use Ace Editor with Webix UI.

Using Webix with Ace code editor
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Age of Dynamic Web Pages - FireBase

Firebase adapter for Webix UI

TL; DR Grab the final package from

Dynamic Web

Not so long ago web apps were slow and phlegmatic. The whole page had to be reloaded to update information. AJAX has only slightly improved this situation. Now we update separate blocks instead of reloading the whole page. Hardly had we got used to this technique, when a new web transformation appeared on the scene. It is dynamical web, where the content of pages updates by itself.

Now you can find such elements on Facebook or Twitter pages, for example. Data are changed there without our participation. As soon as someone has added a comment or re-tweeted the post, the changes are reflected on the page immediately.

There are several technologies behind dynamical web. WebSockets are the most important of them. You can read how to use them with Webix here. However, web sockets present a very low level of abstraction. Fortunately, it’s possible to get all the benefits of dynamic updates without diving so deeply into the details of data synchronization. There are several great solutions created by web enthusiasts. They allow avoiding difficulties and creating cool dynamic apps.
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Webix 2.3: New UI Widgets, Typescript and Material Skin

Spring is a time of great changes and endless possibilities! This spring a new Webix version 2.3 has also brought plenty of useful updates and new features.

Webix team has been working hard on adding advanced features and responding to all the great feedback from the Webix Community. Version 2.3 comes with entirely new components such as Organogram and Barcode along with a fresh material skin, TypeScript support and other cool enhancements.

Material Design

Everybody talks about material design. First of all, people discuss it as it was developed by Google. Secondly, it looks really nice and simplifies end users’ work with apps. So Webix is also on-trend and now it can boast of its new attractive Material skin.

The interface of this skin is clean, clear and responsive, the colors for highlighting controls are bright. No excessive elements. Thus, end users will be entirely concentrated on the key issues of your app.

Webix Material Skin

Since version 2.3 it is possible to apply the Material skin to your web app built with Webix. This skin won’t be included in a library package but can be taken from a separate repository at
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Manage Your Customers with Webix CRM

Our company XB Software Ltd. has recently released its own CRM system that is mostly based on the Webix library. It is a necessary tool for most sales or service-related companies that are seeking to build and maintain strong relationships with existing customers as well as to look for new ones.

Webix CRM has a user-friendly Material Design interface and allows storing a client base of any size, preserving the history of customer interactions (emails, phone calls, etc.), grouping contacts by specific categories and more.

webix crm

Let’s learn about numerous Webix CRM functions in more detail.

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