Coming soon: Webix update 3.1

Hey everybody! Little by little, rainy autumn comes to its end and we want to announce our new release of Webix update 3.1, which will take place on 24th of November.



Not so long ago we were telling about our plans on new features and updates in the Path to Webix 4.0. All the features, that were missed in the Webix version 3.0, have not been discarded and will be included in our next updates.

So, what can you expect from Webix 3.1?

  1. Sidemenu widget – the menu, that was really long-expected and which may fall at any side of the screen;
  2. Sidebar component, that has a hierarchical structure of elements and can be collapsed into a navigation bar;
  3. Treemap – a widget, which allows representing complex hierarchical data in a compact form;
  4. Auto-sizing functionality for menu and buttons.

All of this and a little bit more you can expect from our new Webix update 3.1. As we are an open company and don’t want to keep our customers in the dark, we will appreciate your comments below, with all the suggestions and/or expectations.

While you are waiting for our new Webix 3.1 release, I would suggest you to find a new recipe of Gluehwein, make yourself comfortable, read The Martian and share in comments, if anyone of you could survive on Mars 😉

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Olga Vazhnik

Olga Vazhnik

Webix product manager. Interested in creating strong, hand over hand relationships between the company and its customers using Internet marketing.
  • Alexei Tsar

    Sounds great! May be a few teaser screenshots?

    • Olga Vazhnik

      Today is our release, hope you will like it 😉

  • Fabian Thobe

    great article! Curious to see more of webix 3.1

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