While developing Webix, we’ve made several demo projects, in order to check the usability of our library. One of these projects is “Smart Sheet demo”. It is focused on the DataTable, one of the core Webix components. Smart Sheet demo can be used to show tabular or hierarchical data.

Smart Grid

You can download the full demo or check the demo online.

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The Webix team wasn’t twiddling during the last month of summer. We worked hard to improve the functionality of the library components.
These efforts resulted in a minor update (1.0.1) that includes a lot of small enhancements and latest fixes.
You can find the details of  Version 1.0.1 in the Webix Documentation.
To evaluate the modified version of the library, Download the updated library.

We are happy to announce the first release of our powerful JavaScript UI library called Webix. It is extremely small (about 90 kb gzipped) and incredibly fast. This app development library allows you to build cutting-edge HTML5-based web apps that will run on any desktop and/or mobile device.

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