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Our clients

We are very happy with the features and performance of your components. Good luck to your team.

Dmytro Hyk Vitagramma, CEO

Bloody awesome! Thanks a lot for such a wonderful framework and keep up the good work.

Marius Ileana Visva

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced developer, Webix is an easy to learn JavaScript framework that has a well-documented and coherent API with similar principles for various UI widgets.



Webix is concise. It includes every essential widget in a single .js file which is about 187 KB gzipped.



It is as fast as a rocket and doesn’t slow down even while loading large datasets. This UI library responds to user requests swiftly and provides users a desktop-like experience on the web.

Backbone.js & Angular JS integration

Backbone.js and Angular JS frameworks integration, Angular 2 compatibility

Due to integration of html5 ui library with popular MVC frameworks Backbone.js and AngularJS, there’s no need to tie data to the DOM. All the changes are performed on Models, then nicely displayed on Views. This integration also enables you to get rid of unstructured 'Spaghetti' code.

Cross platform and cross browser UI library

Build incredible mobile and desktop web apps based on HTML5 standards for all major modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (8+) and Safari.

HTML 5 App Development
jQuery integration

jQuery JavaScript library integration

jQuery integration allows you to create Webix widgets using familiar jQuery syntax, making it easier than ever before to add Webix widgets into apps that use jQuery.

Developer Tools

Webix online tools to start working with the library in order to create great web apps.

Easy to use Skin Builder, handy Form Builder, indispensable Code Snippet, interactive Tutorials and clear Documentation are at your disposal.

Developer Tools
Integration with Third Party Tools

Integration with Third Party Tools

Webix offers easy integration with your favorite tools and libraries:

  • Editors : Mercury, Nicedit, Tinymce, CodeMirror, CKEditor
  • Charts: Raphael, D3, Sigma, JustGage
  • Maps: Google Maps, Nokia Maps, Yandex Maps, OpenStreet Maps
  • DHTMLX: dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt

Offline Support

With offline support provided by javascript framework Webix you can create apps that will run even if there’s no network connection available. All changes made by the user in offline mode are saved in the browser cache, which is later synchronized with app servers the next time an Internet connection is established.

Simple Server-Side Integration

Webix presents a few methods of server-side organization. The widgets are suited for MVC frameworks like MVC.Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Yii, and can be easily integrated with server side data feeds. Webix also features full support for REST load and save protocol.

Mobile Apps Friendly

With html5 library Webix, you can develop eye-catching web apps that run flawlessly on touch devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. The UI widgets support all touch events and can be visually adjusted to small screen sizes. There’s no need to write two different apps either. Having built an app once, you get support for multiple platforms.

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