BarCode is a JavaScript widget that represents text values in a machine-readable format by interchanging the widths and spacing of parallel lines. You can embed generated barcodes into your web apps with minimum efforts.

Webix Barcode
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Barcode Types

Webix Barcode includes 3 definitions for most popular barcodes: EAN8, EAN13 and UPC-A. If you need a new type of barcode, you may create your own one by using nice BarCode API.

Flexible Configuration

You set the BarCode configuration in accordance with your preferences by defining its width, height and color as well as by adjusting the height of its text.

Browsers Compatibility

BarCode is supported by the latest versions of popular browsers.

Ready for Touch Devices

BarCode has a native look and behaviour on modern touch devices like iPad, iPhone, Android.

Windows and Popups
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