A nice looking Webix Form helps you easily get important information from users. It consists of useful elements like input fields (namely text and text area widgets), select boxes, checkboxes, radiobuttons and approve/cancel buttons.

basic Webix Form


Webix Form can be customized for certain tasks by putting various controls into it, including select boxes, checkboxes, radiobuttons.

Easy Styling with CSS

The Form’s appearance is customized fully with CSS. CSS allows you to create a stylish website by offering a wide range of expressive styles and giving you full control over your website or app’s visual aspects.

Form Validation

This JavaScript Form widget provides form validation that can be easily inserted into your app and nicely customized to the existing user interface.

Ready for Touch Devices

Forms can be a part of mobile apps that operate on touch devices like iPads, iPhones, Androids and Windows Phones.

Browsers Compatibility

It’s supported by most popular browsers.