Gage widget is a ready-made tool for developing web gauge dashboards with color data displaying.

Customizable JavaScript gaugesView Demo

Do you need to range specifically between, say, 0 and 125? Setting measure is available: define the maximum and minimum range value. In addition you can choose the initial value of the gage.

Gage UI
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Gage label and placeholder

Set names for each of your gage charts and its measurement unit, for example: “Speed”, “Pressure”, “Temperature” and “MPH, “MPa”, “°F”.

Gages with animation and color reflection

Beautiful and smooth-flowing indicator reflects the value and goes from green (minimum) to red (maximum).

Browsers Compatibility

Our JavaScript gauges are compatible with modern browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE8+, Firefox and Opera.

Ready for Touch Devices

Gages can be used in mobile web apps that run on touch devices (iPad, iPhone, Android).

Windows and Popups
Development Tools