JavaScript Webix MultiView & ScrollView & Carousel

JavaScript Webix MultiView & ScrollView & Carousel


Webix widget MultiView helps users use space on a web page efficiently. With this Webix widget, there is no need to open additional browser window. Now you can place different widgets in special panels that will be displayed within one area.
Webix MultiView

Houses Other Widgets

You can place any widget you wish inside Webix MultiView. ScrollView can be in one tab while Carousel is in another one. Users can quickly switch between these panels using the navigation tools provided.


With the help of  Webix ScrollView, you can scroll to any section of a long dataset with a single click, making any UI element scrollable.
Webix ScrollView

Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling

Webix ScrollView allows you to choose between vertical or horizontal scrolling, giving you the freedom to make your data as user-friendly as you wish.

Scrolling with a Button Click

You can bookmark sections via special buttons in ScrollView that will instantly lead users to specific sections.

The UI-related Carousel widget presents images, as well as picture-based UI elements (e.g. charts), in movable carousel panels. You can also smoothly switch between carousel panels with their respective buttons.
Webix Carousel

Smooth Switching

The images placed into carousel can be switched smoothly and effortlessly with built-in navigation controls that are easily customizable.

Common Features


You can easily define the view change animation of MultiView and Carousel.

Styling with Standard CSS

You can easily define the appearance of MultiView widgets fully with CSS, which improves your SEO indicators and simplifies control of your widgets’ visual parts.

Browser Compatibility

These Webix widgets run effectively on modern browsers such as IE12, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

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