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Webix Standard is a free UI library for open source projects licensed under GNU GPLv3. If you release any program that uses Webix to the public in some way, the GPLv3 requires you to make the modified source code available to the program’s users.

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What is the difference between Webix PRO and Webix Standard?

Webix PRO Webix Standard
License Developer License Agreement GNU GPLv3
Widgets and controls
PRO widgets
  • Barcode
  • Bullet graph
  • Check suggest
  • Data view suggest
  • Date range
  • Date range picker
  • Date range suggest
  • Excel Viewer
  • Gage
  • Grid suggest
  • Maps
  • Multicombo
  • Multiselect
  • Multisuggest
  • Multitext
  • Organogram
  • PDF Viewer
  • Portlet
  • Range Chart
  • TreeMap
Data table functionality
  • Advanced filtering
  • Area selection
  • Colspan and rowspan
  • Grouped columns
  • Header menu
  • Subrows / Subviews
  • Vertical / Rotate headers
Complex widgets support
Saving and restoring application state
Extra styling and customization

Locale is a set of parameters to define a certain region:

  • date and time formats;
  • numbers and monetary units;
  • text labels.
300 locales 9 locales