F. A. Q.

The most important issues about the licensing policy, support tickets and payment methods


Who is considered a developer?

Some Webix Licenses are limited by the number of developers. Developers are freelancers or employees of a company who work with Webix (API, CSS). Developers should have specific emails that can be used for support inquiries. The License can be re-assigned to another developer once a month or, in case the developer who had worked with Webix left the company, upon request.

How to you define a “project”?

Some Webix Licenses are limited by the number of projects. A project can be defined as one of the following:

  • one commercial product that you create to be sold as a boxed solution;
  • a custom solution for one client;
  • any number of applications created for a company’s internal use: in this the whole solution for the company is viewed as one complex project.

Which license I need to use Webix in SaS product?

You need to have Company, DevTeam or Unlimited license.

What does a Webix Pack include?

All Webix Packs include Webix PRO UI library, one year of Webix major and minor updates (Webix releases) and a support plan for one year. Complex widgets like Pivot, Kanban, Scheduler, Spreadsheet, File Manager, Doc Manager, Query, User Manager, Chat, Gantt, Report Manager and Diagram can be included to the chosen Pack for free or at extra cost.

Support plan subscription and updates for complex widgets are also valid for 1 year.

Why should a Webix License be renewed?

You are eligible for receiving updated versions of Webix and get Support during one year after you make a purchase. After one year you can continue using all Webix versions that were released during your license period. If you are interested in getting new functionality of Webix and need assistance of our Support Team, you should renew your License.

We regularly update the library:

  • Minor releases (every 2-3 months) provide new library features and updates as well as bug fixes and improvements of existing functionality.
  • Major release (1 release every year) implies addition of new significant features and deep update of functionality added to previous versions.

With active Webix Developer License you will be able to get latest releases.

Contact us to get a 30% license renewal discount if you update while your current License is still valid.

Do you have free Webix version?


Yes, we have free Webix Standard for open source projects under GPLv3 license. Note that you must provide the source code of your application to your users. It means that they will be allowed to modify your application. If your application in any way contains non-open source commercial pieces which do not comply with the GPL license, you should use Webix UI library under commercial license. If you are a teacher or a student, you can apply for Webix Student License. Write us about your project or intended use of Webix UI.

Is it possible to get Webix source code?

Yes, both free Webix Standard and commercial Webix PRO JavaScript libraries contain uncompressed JS and CSS files with source code. Paying users can ask for additional materials and build scripts. Packs with the Pivot, Scheduler, Kanban, File Manager and Spreadsheet complex widgets also contain their source code.


What does “support ticket” mean?

Support tickets can include questions about products API, styling or implementing some functionality, extending existing components, etc. We do not consider small inquiries and commercial or marketing questions as tickets, so don't hesitate to contact us if you need some help.

How to get access to Client area?

All Webix buyers automatically get access to Client area.

It’s possible to get the latest library updates, open a support ticket and clarify your license details.

What does "Webix integration audit" mean?

Webix integration audit is an option available to Priority support subscription users. It includes:

  • examining the performance of Webix components;
  • making a report about all the existing drawbacks;
  • preparing a list of changes to be implemented.


What kind of payment methods do you provide?

The most popular methods:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal


For some countries it is possible to pay via local services:

  • Alipay for China
  • Boleto Bancário for Brazil
  • Konbini for Japan
  • QIWI and Yandex Money for Russia.

You can find all payment methods for your country during checkout.

Wire transfer (with manual processing fee of 7.00 USD) and purchase order (with manual processing fee of 10.00 USD) are also available.

All payments data is secure.

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How to get a quotation?

To issue a quotation, please write us about the chosen product. Please note that some payment methods include manual processing fees. You will receive a link to generate a quote with all payment options during 1 business day.

How to become a Webix reseller?

We are looking for fruitful cooperation with companies all over the world. Please get in touch to discuss the details.