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Extra components: complex JavaScript UI widgets

File Manager
User Manager
Doc Manager
Report Manager
Filemanager widget

JavaScript File Manager assists in managing hierarchical data and navigating through it in a user-friendly style.

  • copy/paste, rename, delete files and folders
  • work with hierarchical data
  • included flexible layouts
  • drag-and-drop functionality
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SpreadSheet widget

JavaScript Spreadsheet is a complex widget that allows integrating Excel like sheets in web apps and working with data online.

  • data binding and validation
  • sorting and filtering
  • custom styling
  • math functions
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Kanban widget

JavaScript Kanban board is a tool for viewing work in progress and controlling the process from tasks to solutions.

  • unlimited number of columns and rows
  • customization via HTML templates
  • swim line function
  • expand or collapse Kanban panels
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Scheduler widget

JavaScript Scheduler is a full-featured tool for displaying, creating and managing events in daily, weekly, monthly views on all kinds of mobile devices.

  • support of multi-day events or appointment recurrence
  • localization of language, time and region
  • customization of date formats, elements, toolbars
  • for all operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.
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Gantt Charts

JavaScript Gantt widget is online tasks and resources management solution.

  • Tasks and projects management
  • Tasks preview and editing
  • Compact view mode
  • Drag-n-drop and resize support
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JavaScript Pivot intended for well-organized visual table reports and graphical representation of data.

  • sum counters, filters, readonly mode
  • inline and external data supports
  • datatable / chart and configuration window
  • logarithmic scale for Pivot Chart
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user manager

JavaScript User Manager is a ready-made solution for managing a list of users, it is an important part of the Admin Panel.

  • managing users
  • setting the access rights and permissions
  • assigning roles
  • auto-identification and authorization
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JavaScript Сharts is a ready-made solution for organizing chat rooms with several users with an opportunity to manage the list of contacts and the look of the chat itself.

  • List of group chats
  • List of contacts
  • Choosing users for the new chat room
  • Setting the list of the participants and the look (name + icon) of the channel
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JavaScript Document Manager is created to cope with the issues of the electronic document flow.

  • recent/important/deleted documents
  • files preview
  • tags assignement
  • commenting
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The JavaScript Query widget allows setting any conditions and filtration rules.

  • Integration: jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone
  • Support of All Modern browsers
  • Ready for Touch Devices
  • Meets Section 508
  • Quick styling with CSS
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Report Manager is a tool for building and storing data reports which includes:

  • List of reports
  • Three types of data representation: tables, graphs, heat maps
  • Uploading reports in Excel, CSV formats
  • End-to-end search
  • Detailed reports settings
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Why use Webix UI library?

Real time saving approach

Save at least 3000+ development hours by using ready-made widgets and UI controls. Develop Web UI 30% faster.

Material design philosophy

We have accumulated the best design ideas. We have meticulously considered UX of each Webix component for five conceptual designs.

Technical support and learning

Our support service specialists know everything about our library and can help you solve any problem. We also have an official support forum where you can discuss issues with our developers.

Easy to develop

Understandable logic

By using Webix JS framework you receive an elegant and lightweight code based on object-oriented programming concepts.

Cross platform and browser support

Build HTML5 web apps for desktops, tablets and smartphones with touch screen interface which work in all major browsers.

Easy to integrate

JavaScript frameworks and libraries integration

Associate your project with jQuery JavaScript library, MVC frameworks AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js, third party UI extensions.

Simple server side interaction

All backend technologies can communicate with our JavaScript UI framework, besides you can use solutions for Java, PHP, .NET.

Lightning speed

Fast performance for big datasets

Your web applications will work fast even with massive DataTables, Trees, Lists, etc. due to paging and dynamic loading.

Best rendering speed on the market

Highly optimized widgets show fantastic rendering speed and extra smooth scrolling with no freezes.

Pure JavaScript

Full client side solution for animated or highly interactive dashboards due to the instant updates of HTML5 components.

Flexibility and accessibility

Unlimited extensibility

Customize available components and create new ones — you can modify all options with no loss of functionality.

Web accessibility

HTML5 UI library meets WAI-ARIA standards and adds accessibility support for those who need assistive technologies.

HIPPA and GDPR compliancy

Webix fully complies with the HIPPA and GDPR requirements. It does not store private information nor send it to third parties.

Start effortless web development with Webix

JavaScript library

JavaScript UI controls and Widgets Library

Speed up your web development process and reduce programmers' workload by using Webix 99+ UI components

JavaScript framework

Webix Jet

Employ a bright and easy-to-use Micro Framework for single-page application development

lessons and tutorials

Interactive Tutorials

Take advantage of a quick and easy way to discover Webix JavaScript library.

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Customer showcases of using the JavaScript UI library

Customer showcases js library 14 Michael Shrading PHP full-stack developer
Customer showcases js library 12 Tore Hvidegaard CEO of 3dbyggeri
Customer showcases js library 11 Emmanuel Onah Web developer at Cognovis GmbH
Customer showcases js library 10 Kiril Serebnik Development operation engineer at Lumissil Microsystems company
Customer showcases js library 9 Nikhil Sharma Full stack developer at Transportation | Warehouse Optimization
Customer showcases js library 8 Anders Rehnvall CEO and system architect at Eze System, Inc.
Customer showcases js library 7 Bernd Gewehr Head of department at Vössing Engineering
Customer showcases js library 6 Stefan Schweiger Head of Schweiger Consulting GmbH
Customer showcases js library 5 Jochen Funk Developer and business analyst
Customer showcases js library 4 Valeriy Kuznetsov Software Engineer
Customer showcases js library 3 Sergey Kunitskiy Software Engineer
Customer showcases js library 2 Johan Smith Head of SFM BV
Customer showcases js library 1 Yuriy Klyuch Glasslink developer

recruiting-systems.com is a solution for recruiters to manage their clients and companies. It includes a list of candidates, the data related to them, their qualifications, skills, their contacts. You can appoint a date for the meeting inside it and attach PDF files of their CVs. Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 14
For me Webix is the best tool I can find on the net at this moment, and I think that can’t be overtaken.

3dbyggeri provides digital solutions that make it easier for architects and engineers to work with building materials. Check out the whole case study.


  • Datatable


Showcases example js library 12
It’s quite easy to find examples and snippets in the documentation to figure out what to do. I like the concept of the forum, where you ask something regarding a specific problem and the customer support will answer and make a snippet for how it works

Webix is perfect for enterprise resource planning software.  Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library
  • Webix Jet
  • File Manager
  • User Manager
  • Chat


Showcases example js library 10

Webix is our sole front-end JavaScript platform.  Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library
  • Query
  • File Manager


Showcases example js library 7

Webix only, we are not using any other UI library. Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 9

IoT solution for remote monitoring and control of distributed equipment. Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 8
What I really like with Webix is that I got it right away.

Bernd Gewehr used Webix UI library for the creation of ERP system for construction supervising and projects managing. Check out the whole case study.


  • Kanban
  • File Manager


Showcases example js library 7
All in all, Webix has helped us to change the way we create solutions.

Stefan Schweiger used Webix UI library for the creation of Digital Document Flow app. Check out the whole case study.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 6
I was looking for some UI frameworks. The Webix page attracted me with the example where you implement the data table with a few rows of code. I gave it a try and I fell in love.

Jochen Funk used Webix Kanban for the creation of the app for the task and project management. Check out the whole case study.


  • Kanban


Showcases example js library 5
In my opinion, Kanban is one of the best and most popular Webix widgets. It helps manage projects quickly and efficiently. By the way, all my customers really like Kanban widget. It is very functional and quite easy to use. There are many implementation areas for this widget.

Webix allowed Valeriy Kuznetsov to create WizXpert, a cloud-based system for facilitating software development. The solution combines back-end, front-end, and hybrid mobile app development. Follow the link to see the whole showcase.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 4
The essence of WizXpert concept is very close to that one of Webix — high development speed, modularity, ready-made design. I think I managed to create a state-of-the-art, well-designed, and reliable product.

New GanttPRO interface design for the project scheduling and workflow controlling web application. Read the full case study.


  • UI library UI library
  • Webix Jet


Showcases example js library 3
We liked the JavaScript library for the safe and time-savvy prototyping pattern it offers. You can easily move code blocks of layout parts within the application. So, if the design changes in the process of development, you can quickly adjust the code up to it.

XL Reporting is a web-based financial reporting and budgeting solution integrated with MS Excel. Read more about the project.


  • UI library UI library
  • Pivot
  • Spreadsheet
  • Sidebar
  • Node.js/Nginx


Showcases example js library 2
We continue to be impressed with the richness and strength of the JavaScript framework, the quality of its API and its team, and the frequency of new product releases. Our solution now heavily relies on this lightweight JavaScript framework, as well as its various HTML5 UI extensions.

Myglasslink.no had a need to offer their customers an option of real-time interactive design of tag signs. Webix-based solution allows the end-users to design their signs within a four-step wizard and place their orders. Read the case study.


  • UI library UI library


Showcases example js library 1
We chose this HTML5 framework among other libraries because of wide-range UI controls, regularly updates and cool support, easy to extend and use with 3rd party js libs to build responsive UI.

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Webix Jet is a JavaScript micro framework for combination and reuse of the same components (JS controls) for compact and elegant code creation.

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