Interactive tutorials

Welcome to Webix training! Our interactive JavaScript tutorials consist of a detailed guide, code editor, and preview. These courses will help you make your first steps in building web apps with our UI library. You will also learn to create tables with DataTable and use various types of controls.

Video tutorials

Webix UI library has a number of advantages! See for yourself. Check out our JavaScript and HTML5 interactive video tutorials with comments and code samples. You will learn the basic information for the effortless start and successful work with Webix. We also have videos which will teach you how to deal with Webix Jet, a micro-framework for creating single-page applications.

User Guide

Tutorials in the blog

Have been around with Webix for a while and would like to learn a little more about its capabilities? In this section, you will find articles with tips, JavaScript and CSS tutorials, and other secrets which will allow you to utilize the full potential of our UI library. These blog posts will teach you how to build a web app for data storage with only 12 lines of code, create customizable tooltips, improve dashboards, deal with buttons, and more.