UI framework for Salesforce customization

Webix UI library is a perfect match for customizing apps built on the base of the world-famous Salesforce platform. Our framework augments Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience with new features for data visualization and analytics. The library's components allow users to enjoy the enhanced UI of the apps created in Lightning Experience. Owing to the Webix magic touch, web pages offered by Salesforce classic version can work with custom controls and advanced elements thus improving user experience.

To start with:

First of all you need to get acquainted with a detailed instruction that we posted on the GitHub portal. You will find there the examples and the descriptions of creating custom Salesforce applications using Webix.

Go to Webix for Salesforce on GitHub.

To create your own applications for Salesforce you need special Webix version. Note that the regular version will not be compatible with Salesforce.

Contact us to request the

Webix version for Salesforce.

Check out the demo application that we created keeping in mind the Salesforce demands.

salesforce app

Download Webix Salesforce demo on GitHub.

Individualizing UI for Salesforce

In pursuit of recognition Salesforce creators often sacrifice the unclaimed features which can be of crucial importance for your particular business. In this case, you will have to customize the UI offered by Salesforce and add the missing elements. Webix UI components can cope with this task. As a result, you get an individualized Salesforce solution with an outstanding performance and increased ROI.

Boost your Salesforce app's performance

Webix allows optimizing the performance of UI components and extending their functionalities. You get more control and flexibility while working with data. Salesforce apps become quicker and effectively manage a great deal of information.

Fine-tune Salesforce UI

Our library will help you create your own unique UI for Salesforce CRM, including new dashboards, data visualization, and analytics tools, etc. Webix JS components allow redesigning an app so that it could perfectly meet your business requirements. You only need to choose suitable components from the list of our ready-to-use solutions.

Individualize Salesforce apps with ease

The Webix team consists of highly experienced business analysts, CRM, and UX/UI experts. They can help you create a Salesforce-based app that meets your business needs and requirements. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies, used by Webix, web development becomes quicker, more reliable, and less expensive.

Data artwork with Webix DataTable component

JS Datatable

We feel proud of our quick and lightweight DataTable (DataGrid) widget. This UI component provides ample opportunities for data organization, sorting, filtering, and editing. The Webix DataTable has 20+ features and options, e.g., data validation, Drag-n-drop, Sparklines, advanced editors, and filters, to name a few.

JS Treetable

TreeTable is a convenient way of organizing your Salesforce app's data. This web widget considerably facilitates managing the wealth of information. Moreover, our TreeTable also incorporates all the DataTable features.


SpreadSheet widget alleviates work with tabular data. This widget doesn't only have a familiar Excel-like electronic table UI but also enables importing and exporting files with similar formats.

Salesforce modernization case

Follow the link to discover Salesforce modernization case-study with Webix DataGrid widget.

Customized UI and dashboards for Salesforce

Webix elements can successfully complement a UI with unique components and controls providing you with the opportunity to accelerate work with the familiar Salesforce tools.

JS Dashboards

Dashboard is an interactive UI widget allows you to design a complex Salesforce control panel which aggregates all the information and displays it on one screen. Thanks to the dashboard widget our clients get full control over all CRM data. Now the Salesforce-related tasks can be tackled with ease and speed.

Web charts

Our JavaScript widgets for data visualization and analysis incorporate tools for creating customizable charts and diagrams. These library components ensure interactivity while managing large amounts of information.

Demo-macbook Webix Charts


Is Webix suitable for creating custom Salesforce applications?

We have created a special, optimized version of Webix for Salesforce. Regular versions of Webix are not suitable for working with Salesforce. Use the package available at the link above to create your Salesforce app.

Does Webix for Salesforce support complex widgets?

Complex widgets are not supported so far. Contact us if you need complex widgets for your Salesforce application and we will make it possible for you.

Is Webix for Salesforce a free opensource project?

No, it is not. Webix for Salesforce is a commercial package.

How much is the Webix license for Salesforce?

Contact us to know the prices and conditions.

Is Webix compatible with Salesforce Lightning?

Webix for Salesforce operates perfectly well in the Lightning environment. However Webix does not interact directly with the Lightning components, but it allows to add Webix UI elements to a Lightning application.

Where can I download the Webix package for Salesforce?

Follow the link to download the Webix for Salesforce.

Custom Salesforce Apps design and development

All Salesforce products are united by one UX/UI philosophy and the same development path. The necessity to create Lightning Design System indicates that Salesforce users strive for the original UI solutions and custom apps for their businesses

Our team will be glad to create an individual Salesforce solution for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your business needs.