JavaScript Dashboards

Create functional business web apps with Webix! Our dashboards act as powerful tools for visualization and analysis of the information about business processes and their effectiveness. Check out the descriptions and interactive JavaScript dashboard demos below.

QA Dashboard

The dashboard allows monitoring the working progress of a team. You can effortlessly evaluate the performance of all employees and keep an eye on tasks statuses: pending, open, or done. You can have the visualization of user activity data always at hand: the overall number of users, what countries they are from, etc. JavaScript dashboard widgets DataView, GeoChart, and DataTable display data in a visually appealing way. The app also includes Sidebar which ensures convenient navigation. A toolbar contains widgets for controlling the settings.

Basic components: DataTable DataView GeoChart Sidebar Toolbar

Doctor Appointment App

This interactive JavaScript dashboard facilitates doctor appointment management and can work as part of a medical portal. The app allows staff in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers to streamline appointments processing. The dashboard contains client information and doctor profiles. Healthcare professionals can have at hand their patients' contact details, information about diagnoses, and treatments. Patients can register in the app and make appointments. They can also check out doctors' biographies, learn about their qualification and visiting hours.

Basic components: DataTable Form Toolbar Charts Calendar

Bank App

The app allows viewing, editing, and analyzing financial data. Thanks to colorful icons, you can quickly learn about how a customer made a payment, e.g., via PayPal or a credit card. Payment history in DataTable can be sorted and filtered. You can have a look at the customer details in a well-designed Form. The app has several settings: regional, theme color, the length of the payment history, etc. Follow the link above to try a dashboard demo.

Basic components: DataTable Form Toolbar

Inventory App

This JavaScript dashboard is for computer equipment management. The app significantly facilitates the work of system administrators and technical staff in IT companies. It is possible to administrate and serve a great deal of computer equipment. Statistics reports help plan and manage modernization of devices and control scheduled maintenance.

Basic components: DataTable Sidebar Charts Toolbar

Booking app

Booking App is a JavaScript dashboard for planning your vacation. You can book plane tickets, cars, and hotels in no time. A well-crafted DataTable widget displays flight information. You can search for flights, cars, and hotels on various dates and routes by using Form. A Toolbar provides controls for app settings and notifications which allow you to be aware of the latest discounts and updates. It is also possible to change a theme or language in one click. See the dashboard demo for more details.

Basic components: DataTable Toolbar Form

Team Progress App

Team Progress App is an interactive JavaScript dashboard for viewing the progress of a team. Charts show statistics and allow comparing achievements. You can monitor the number of tasks completed by employees, hours spent on various projects, and types of work. You can also follow the status of the assigned tickets. Notifications allow always staying informed about the latest updates. Toolbar ensures convenient navigation and search. You can also effortlessly add new tasks and select a different theme or a language.

Basic components: DataTable Toolbar Charts