JavaScript Templates Catalog

We kindly invite you to get familiar with our business app templates. We created this catalog to demonstrate the capabilities of Webix JavaScript library's components. Templates in this collection are, actually, ready-made app UIs. You can use them to accelerate the development of your Webix-based software solutions. The catalog includes some templates distributed under MIT License. You can also download the source code of most of the apps from the list below and modify it until it meets your requirements. It is possible to test our templates. All of them have live demos.

Hospital Management

Ready-to-use web template from the Webix UI Library. It includes the functionality of the hospital management system. The tool displays the necessary information about the doctors and the patients of the hospital. Bright charts demonstrate the recent analytical data. The template also allows users to upload and download reports and plan events in the scheduler. It is an elegant and handy template for any hospital management staff.

Extended Task Board

Web template from the Webix UI Library that is ready to be used in any environment. It includes the functionality of the Kanban board with the ability to edit tasks and add comments to them. The chart showing the current progress of the tasks adds to the visual component of the template. The tool helps to visualize the team performance and the progress of work.

Email Client

Webix UI Library template with a familiar interface of the email box. The template is ready to be built into any project. Email Client allows users to send, forward, delete letters. It is an easy to use tool with clear functions.

Helpdesk Ticketing

A template from the Webix UI Library deals with helpdesk issues. The tool is ready to be integrated into any project. Helpdesk Ticketing template contains information on the current tickets, their statuses, as well as the tables and charts on the overall performance of the user. The template is bright, handy, and comfortable to use.

Timesheet template

This is a ready-made JS template to be integrated into project management systems. It displays current projects, tags, tasks, and statuses. Progress and productivity charts as well as a diagram with the planned and tracked hours contribute to the visual experience of the template. Built-in filters and search provide an opportunity to find the required project or task quickly.

Budget Tracker

This JS UI template is ready to be built into any project. It allows users to track their expenditures and keep to the balance of the budget. The template displays the history of the expenses, which can be saved as a report and filtered. The balance is shown in colorful diagrams. The expenses are listed in categories.

Education progress board

This JS template is ready to be built into any project. It allows students to track progress in their studies. The ongoing courses are shown as well as the completed ones with the dates of completion and scores. The template also includes a list of contacts with a possibility to read letters and a list of planned events. A donut chart reflecting the progress and achievement labels add to the general visual shape of the template.

Chat / Messenger JavaScript Template

This JS template allows you to create the web-chat or online-messenger for a web application. The HTML5 web template is designed to speed up your web-programming and simplify the Webix library learning. You can use this template as part of your business application created with the Webix library.

Purchases list for the ERP system

This JS template allows you to create the purchases list for the enterprise ERP system. You can use this template as part of your business application created with the Webix library.

Music library / player

This JS template is ready to be integrated into any project. It allows you to listen to your favorite music and share it with friends. The songs can be sorted according to the artists, albums, and genres. You can create and save personal playlists.

Jobs / HR board

This template is ready to be used by HR professionals. It allows listing candidates according to their skills, education, or experience. HR managers can post vacancies and send messages to the candidates.

POS Terminal template

The template will come in handy for the e-commerce marketplace. It shows a list of products with thumbnails, descriptions, and prices. It also displays a list of purchases and makes it possible to pay for the items.

Webix Personal Task Board 2 Template

This JS UI template is a ready-made tool to be integrated into any web solution. It allows users to track the assigned tasks as well as to see the reports and invoices charts. The template also displays the latest activities and has a built-in calendar. The board is colorful and easy to use.

Personal task board JavaScript template

This template can be used as part of the ERP system or task management system. It includes recommended actions, assignments, reports, and balances. The template can also be used for UI/UX development.

E-commerce marketplace JavaScript template

The template is a turnkey tool for any e-commerce web application. It shows item lists, marketplace menu, and current balances. The elements are easily customizable.

Shopping cart template

Another solution for the e-commerce marketplace. With the help of it, you can change and control the items in the cart, see your orders, make wish lists, and open disputes.

Expenses board template

The template allows keeping records of personal expenses. As well as to filter and group the expenses and to import reports in PDF and Excel formats. All the elements are easily customizable.

Order My Own Custom JavaScript Template

Haven't found a suitable UI solution here? Contact us to order the development of a unique template or design for your business web app. Our skilled team of designers, UX experts, and JavaScript developers will be happy to bring your ideas to fruition.


Do I need Webix to use the JavaScript templates?

Yes, you do. The templates require the Webix library.

What is the license required for the templates?

These templates are distributed with the MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2021 XBSoftware.

Can I change the design of the template I need?

You can choose any of the five design skins built into Webix or you can create your own one with the help of Skin Builder.

Will the JavaScript templates work with the community (opensource) edition?

Yes, the templates are compatible both with Webix Pro and Webix standard (community edition).

Can I build the template I need into my application?

Yes, we have created these examples to facilitate and to speed up your work.

Are the templates free

Yes, they are. All the examples in the templates catalog are free.