JavaScript Templates Catalog

We kindly invite you to get familiar with our business app templates. We created this catalog to demonstrate the capabilities of Webix JavaScript library's components. Templates in this collection are, actually, ready-made app UIs. You can use them to accelerate the development of your Webix-based software solutions. The catalog includes some templates distributed under MIT License. You can also download the source code of most of the apps from the list below and modify it until it meets your requirements. It is possible to test our templates. All of them have live demos.

Chat / Messenger JavaScript Template

This JS template allows you to create the web-chat or online-messenger for a web application. The HTML5 web template is designed to speed up your web-programming and simplify the Webix library learning. You can use this template as part of your business application created with the Webix library.

Purchases list for the ERP system

This JS template allows you to create the purchases list for the enterprise ERP system. You can use this template as part of your business application created with the Webix library.

Music library / player

This JS template is ready to be integrated into any project. It allows you to listen to your favorite music and share it with friends. The songs can be sorted according to the artists, albums, and genres. You can create and save personal playlists.

Personal task board JavaScript template

E-commerce marketplace JavaScript template

Expenses board template

Order My Own Custom JavaScript Template

Haven't found a suitable UI solution here? Contact us to order the development of a unique template or design for your business web app. Our skilled team of designers, UX experts, and JavaScript developers will be happy to bring your ideas to fruition.


Do I need Webix to use the JavaScript templates?

Yes, you do. The templates require the Webix library.

What is the license required for the templates?

These templates are distributed with the MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2021 XBSoftware.

Can I change the design of the template I need?

You can choose any of the five design skins built into Webix or you can create your own one with the help of Skin Builder.

Will the JavaScript templates work with the community (opensource) edition?

Yes, the templates are compatible both with Webix Pro and Webix standard (community edition).

Can I build the template I need into my application?

Yes, we have created these examples to facilitate and to speed up your work.

Are the templates free

Yes, they are. All the examples in the templates catalog are free.