How to start working with Webix JavaScript library

We are glad to see a new user of the Webix library! Here is what you can find in a detailed instruction on this page: how to start working with Webix, links to the useful resources and some pieces of advice on the first steps in exploring our library.

1 Download Webix trial version

For a start you need the Webix library. Follow the link to the download page. Fill in the form and click on the download button. After that check your email for the link to download the Webix library. Check the spam folder in case you do not find the letter or go to Facebook chat to connect to our technical support service.

What is inside the library?

By downloading trial version you get the Webix Pro library. It includes:

How to install Webix?

Read this article from Webix documentation to learn more.

2 Start your first project

Study the following documentation section - Quick Start Guide.

You can also use detailed instruction - Introduction to Webix. For our users' convenience we have prepared detailed documentation with all the extensive information on Webix.

Who can help me with technical issues?

  • You can ask any question in the appropriate section of the documentation.
  • You can use Webix forum.
  • You can send your request to the Webix technical support. The email is the one you received the link to download the library from.
3 Study the Webix opportunities

Unleash your imagination and let Webix become your working tool. Look through the demo applications. You can use any of them as the basis of your project.

100+ web widgets

Study the library of widgets, numerous features and opportunities of each component.

Complex widgets

Ready-made SPA applications. Each is with their logic and elaborate design.

4 Become a Webix professional

Study and use professional Webix instruments to make your job more effective.

Webix Jet

Microframework is to create single-page applications. This approach makes the Webix application development and integration much easier.


Use the templates library and demo samples to make the development of your web application faster. You can download the code of any template on our site and use it in your project.

UI Designer

We developed WYSIWYG editor for you to create interfaces without a code. You can share them with designers, clients and developers and integrate them easily into your projects.

Code editor

Webix snippet is a convenient tool for the development, debugging and testing of the applications created on Webix.

Design schemes editor

It allows to customize design of any element in the interface of your application.

Contact forms generator

A convenient form editor helps to create forms of any complexity and functionality.

Frequently asked questions

I haven't found the widget I need. What should I do?

  • Please contact technical support. Webix is developing due to users' feedback. We will help you solve this issue.

Do I need programming skills to work with Webix?

  • You need basic knowledge of JavaScript to create complete web applications.
  • We are developing the Webix UI Designer tool for designers and business analysts, to create interface outlines.

What should I do if the trial period is over?

  • You can contact technical support to extend the trial period.
  • You can apply for the startup support programme.
  • You can purchase Webix commercial license.
  • You can switch your project to the free version Webix standard.