Editions Comparison

Developer, Team, Enterprise Packs Open Source
License Developer License Agreement GNU GPLv3
UI library version Webix PRO Webix Standard
Widgets and controls
PRO widgets
  • Barcode
  • Bullet graph
  • Check suggest
  • Data view suggest
  • Date range
  • Date range picker
  • Date range suggest
  • Excel Viewer
  • Gage
  • Grid suggest
  • Maps
  • Multicombo
  • Multiselect
  • Multisuggest
  • Multitext
  • Organogram
  • PDF Viewer
  • Portlet
  • Range Chart
  • TreeMap
Data table functionality
  • Advanced filtering
  • Area selection
  • Colspan and rowspan
  • Grouped columns
  • Header menu
  • Subrows / Subviews
  • Vertical / Rotate headers
Pivot complex widget
File Manager complex widget at extra cost
SpreadSheet complex widget at extra cost
Kanban complex widget at extra cost
Scheduler complex widget at extra cost
Saving and Restoring Application State
Extra styling and customization

Locale is a set of parameters to define a certain region:

  • date and time formats;
  • numbers and monetary units;
  • text labels.
300 locales 9 locales

Support options

Standard Premium Premium Plus
Free Webix forum
Support system tickets included
  • 6 per year
  • Unlimited 1st month
  • 50 per year
  • Unlimited 1st month
  • Unlimited per year
Max initial response time 48 24 24
Emergency bug fixes
Webix integration audit

Webix integration audit includes the following steps:

  • examining the performance of Webix components;
  • making a report of all the existing drawbacks;
  • giving a list of changes to be implemented.
Number of Live chat tickets 10 per year

Note that we don't use external support staff.
Our support is implemented only by Webix development team