Data Management Widgets

With the help of Data management widgets, you can organize and present large amounts of data in a clear and structured way. Data can be put in scrollable and sortable tables, or listed.

Data Management widgets provide various data manipulation features, such as all-in-one-piece data loading, CRUD operations, fast data sorting, on-the-fly filtering, grouping and styling.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization widgets facilitate a distinct display of the relationships between various data items in the form of clear and visually appealing charts types like line, spline, area, bar, pie, 3s pie, donut, scatter, and radar.

User Interface Layout

User Interface Layout widgets define the structure and appearance of a web page by arranging other UI widgets rationally and in a visually appealing manner. These Webix widgets also allow you to divide pages into sections with embedded widgets, or facilitate their placement into space-saving switching panels.

Windows & Popups

Windows & Popups widgets help you emphasize important information to end-users. They have practically the same properties and methods as desktop components, making interactions with users very easy.


Navigation widgets simplify your end-user’s journey around the web app with the help of visually appealing, multifunctional toolbars and drop down menus.

Data Editing

These widgets make the communication between end users and your web app really easy and intuitive.

They include forms for entering various types of data, calendars for selecting date and time, as well as combos and color-pickers intended for making your app design stylish.


Uploader is a JavaScript widget that allows your end-users upload data to the server quickly and easily. With this widget you can browse directories in your PC to choose the appropriate file for uploading or just drag and drop objects into the uploading area.