JavaScript widgets and HTML5 UI controls

Create responsive web UI with Webix HTML5 controls and JS widgets library

Complex widgets

Webix offers a number of complex widgets designed for tasks in various fields. Customize and use complex widgets for interactive reports, complex calculations, advanced data filtering and workflow control.

Data widgets

Data Management widgets provide various data manipulation features, such as all-in-one-piece data loading, CRUD operations, fast data sorting, on-the-fly filtering, grouping and styling.

With the help of Data widgets, you can organize and present large amounts of data in a clear and structured way. Data can be put in scrollable and sortable tables, or listed.

Visualization widgets

Visualization widgets facilitate a distinct display of the relationships between various data items in the form of clear and visually appealing chart types like line, spline, area, bar, pie, 3D pie, donut, scatter, and radar.

Windows and popups

Windows and Popups widgets help you emphasize important information to end-users. They have practically the same properties and methods as desktop components, making interactions with users very easy.

Layouts widgets

Layout widgets define the structure and appearance of a web page by arranging other UI widgets rationally and in a visually appealing manner. These Webix widgets also allow to divide pages into sections with embedded widgets, or facilitate their placement into space-saving switching panels.

Control widgets

Webix has more than 30 stylish and functional controls for user-app interaction. Controls make the communication between end users and your web app simple and intuitive. Controls include fields for entering text and numeric values, combos for selecting options, calendars for selecting date and time, color-pickers, etc.