Demo apps – JavaScript Dashboards

Build modern HTML5 web apps with Webix UI widgets and controls. Look at the most required UI structures and check out other JavaScript Dashboards web applications.

Web apps demos

Doctor Appointment App

Doctor Appointment AppThis JavaScript app demo facilitates appointments scheduling and operates as part of a medical portal. The app allows staff in medical institutions to manage doctor appointments effortlessly. Healthcare professionals have information about their patients at hand. Doctors can view diagnoses, appointment time and date, client's contact details, etc. Patients can schedule a visit, learn more information about their physician, and medical center itself.

Inventory app

Inventory appInventory app facilitates computer equipment service. A convenient and good-looking UI allows system administrators to cope with considerable numbers of electronic devices and their components. Technical staff can effortlessly monitor the condition of computers and take care of scheduled maintenance. Statistics reports help define the general state of the whole company's equipment.

QA Dashboard

QA DashboardThe dashboard allows viewing the working progress of a team. DataView, DataTable, and GeoChart display data in a visually appealing and clear way. Sidebar enables convenient in-app navigation. Toolbar contains widgets for controlling the app settings.

Bank App

Bank AppThe app allows to view, edit, and analyse financial data. Payment history in DataTable can be sorted and filtered. You can view customer details in stylish Form. The app has basic settings: locale, color theme, the length of the payment history, etc.

Booking App

Booking AppAn app for booking plane tickets and planning vacation. Flight information is displayed in laconic DataTables. You can look for flights on certain dates and routes by using Form. Toolbar includes controls for app settings and viewing notifications.

Team Progress App

Team Progress AppA dashboard for viewing the progress of a team. Charts show statistics and allow to compare achievements. Toolbar provides means of in-app navigation, search, adding new tasks and configuring the app (theme and language).

Web Desktop UI

Web Desktop UIThis demo shows how to build Windows-like Metro UI based on the Webix dashboard JavaScript framework. The example contains Layout, Toolbar with buttons, Menu, Window widgets and File Manager to demonstrate particular application.

Geo Explorer

Geo ExplorerThe library provides the Maps widget that allows interacting with Google Maps within an application. Webix also supports integration with other third-party web maps.

Admin UI Templates

Admin UI TemplatesThis demo shows an admin app built with the use of Webix Admin UI Templates. The example demonstrates a number of widgets in action: Dashboard, Charts, Tables, Forms, SpreadSheet, Kanban, Pivot and File Manager. This app showcases convenient and effortless data management.

Complex widget demos


PivotWith Pivot, you can easily create various complex table reports by dragging and dropping the elements graphically. It provides handy ways of summarizing, organizing, and comparing business data.


SpreadsheetCreate your perfect spreadsheet with rich functionality using a flexible and easily embeddable Excel-like SpreadSheet widget. You can customize its UI in accordance with project requirements.


KanbanCreate your personal tool for visualization of workflow by using a flexible and easily embeddable Kanban Board widget. You can adjust the drag-n-drop behavior and the widget's UI according to project requirements.

File Manager

File ManagerThis demo of JavaScript File Manager UI widget shows how you can organize and manage hierarchical data in a web app. This widget allows dragging files and folders from one directory to another the way any desktop file explorer does.

Mobile Scheduler

Mobile SchedulerCreate interactive event calendars optimized for all types of mobile devices: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. This JavaScript calendar supports three basic views (Day, Month, Year), as well as single-, multi-day and recurring events.

Touch apps demos

Touch UI App

Touch UI AppYou can develop complex and trendy mobile web apps that will include good-looking charts, long lists with kinetic scrolling and tabbars adapted for mobile screens and sliders. All desktop features can be used in your mobile apps.