Banking demo app for JavaScript/HTML5

Use this ready-made template to construct payment and banking portals. Banking demo app offers a choice of interfaces for displaying financial transactions and maintaining customer account cards. Webix banking app is easy to integrate and to customize for the goals of any financial organization. Use this app to simplify and to accelerate the development.

Download JavaScript Banking Demo App

This app is available for all Webix users. Click the link below to download the source code.

* To work with Bank App you need the source code of the Webix library. You can download it here

Webix banking App opportunities

Transactions board

Transactions board

Shows all money transactions on one screen. Allows to filter data on each client and choose the date of the reporting period.

Client's card

Client's card

Allows to keep record of the client base with a detailed describtion, a photo, tags and editable fields. Including WYSIWYG editor.

Payment history

Payment history

Shows the list of the transactions of the chosen client.

Statistics window

Statistics window

Summary report in the form of charts and diagrams.

Technical support

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  • Up to 48 hours initial response time
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Priority support


  • Up to 24 hours initial response time
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Licensing and distribution terms

This template is distributed on the conditions of MIT license. You are free to use the source code of this app, modify it, build it into side solutions on condition you comply with the other terms of the MIT license. Should you have any questions or you would like to discuss special licensing conditions, please contact us.

Please note that this application is created with the Webix UI library. To use the template correctly you need the Webix library, which can be downloaded here.