JavaScript Geo Explorer demo app

The demo application Geo Explorer is created to show the Webix opportunities of creating web apps for working with geographical maps and geo-positioning. The Maps widget is used in the app. The widget can integrate with various sources of geo content (e.g. Google Maps). The user can choose the country from the list and get its brief historical overview with the map of the chosen area.

Besides you can get a table with the information of the country's cities and the charts of its economic development.
You can use this application as a ready-made template for your project. It allows to save time of the developers and to understand the peculiarities of the Webix UI library better.

Download JavaScript Geo Explorer App

This app is available for all Webix users. Click the link below to download the source code.

Advantages of the Webix Geo Explorer

Save time on web development

Webix is created to make your work faster. Using the templates and demos you save your time and efforts on creating your own business apps.

Study the Webix and the Webix Jet

Use this Demo app as an example to study the peculiarities of the Webix library and the micro framework Webix Jet easily and quickly.

Free of charge opensource component

This application is distributed as open source software. It works together with Webix standard.

Webix eco-environment

Using the Webix demo app as a basis, you get the access to 100+ UI widgets, various design-schemes and tools for the Webix development.

Cross-browser compatibility

This application is adapted to work with the most popular browsers and devices.

Simple integration

Webix offers examples of integration with most of the popular platforms and frameworks. Detailed documentation and support service will help you to integrate this app into your project.