Inventory management and control system for JavaScript/HTML5

JavaScript inventory list is a complex business app for automated record-keeping and maintenance of the corporate computer equipment. The app allows to keep records of the users and devices as well as to create various reports.

Use this demo app as the wireframe or template for your projects to save time for the web development and to study the Webix UI library better.

Download JavaScript Inventory System

Downloading the source code is available for all Webix Pro users. Fill in the contact form to get the source code of the app.

Please note that this demo app requires the Webix Pro library.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there the Back-end of this app?

Inventory app has a unique and highly technological back-end. You can get the back-end of this app, if you purchase Webix corporate licence. Contact us for the details.

Can I use this app with the Webix standard (GLP version)?

No. You need Webix Pro for this app.

Where is the download link?

Click on the Download button and fill in the contact form to get the source code of the app. After that you will receive the download link and usage instruction.

What other apps and templates can I download?

Use the site section Demos to choose and download the app you need. Besides study the section Templates where you can find some samples.

Inventory App Features

Inventories dashboard

Inventories dashboard

This screen shows the list of all devices present in the database and their status. The search bar allows to find needed records fast or to filter the data. The user can create new records and get the report of the equipment used.

User management module

User management module

It allows to keep record of the equipment on hand, its maintenance and usage history.

Report module

Report module

It allows to get statistics on the availability of all types of equipment. Shows the logistics information.

Application settings

Application settings

It allows to manage the database for the user convenience.