Custom Salesforce Finance app

This Salesforce application is created with the help of Webix UI framework. You can use it as an example to create any customised Salesforce solutions with the help of highly productive widgets and Webix UI controls. In the following example Webix DataGrid is used, which supports 21 features (drag-n-drop, sorting, filtering, data validation, clipboard support, fixed areas, advanced editors, rowspan and colspan, grid grouping, vertical headers, sparklines, subviews…) and Webix Kanban, which is a complex widget in a form of tasks panel and records cards. Now you have an opportunity to create highly productive and functional Salesforce applications using ready-made templates, styles and web widgets of the Webix library.


Download Custom Salesforce Finance app

You can download the template of this app below.

* To work with Custom Salesforce Finance app you need the source codeof the Webix for Salesforce library. You can download it on this page.

Webix for Salesforce

Use the Webix components to create customised Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience applications. Webix for Salesforce is a separate package optimized to create applications for Salesforce. In this package you will have all the opportunities of the Webix Pro including complex widgets.

You can download the Webix library for Salesforce on this page.

Opportunities of the Custom Salesforce Finance app

This demo application is created on the Webix UI widgets. Each of them supports many features, including drag-and-drop, clipboard, data sorting, filtering and grouping. Two key Webix widgets were used to create this demo application:


Kanban Task Board

Webix Kanban tasks panel is used in the upper part of this example. It is a complex solution to manage projects and tasks. It is integrated perfectly in the philosophy of such CRM as Salesforce. Webix Kanban is a complete SPA application with the finished design and elaborate logic of work. You can use it as it is or customize it to your needs.

Kanban opportunities:

  • moving the card with drag-n-drop;
  • tasks grouping;
  • tasks filtering;
  • contextual menu.

Webix DataTable (DataGrid)

It is a highly productive widget that allows to show huge amounts of data. Also our DataGrid offers a great number of features and opportunities that make the work with tables convenient and effective.

Webix DataTable opportunities:

  • editing, sorting and filtering;
  • Data grouping and data validation;
  • drag-n-drop;
  • clipboard;
  • built-in charts Sparkline.

Technical support

All Webix Pro users get the technical support according to the conditions of the license package:

Basic support


  • Up to 72 hours initial response time
  • 10 tickets
Standard support


  • Up to 48 hours initial response time
  • 30 tickets / Unlimited 1st month
Priority support


  • Up to 24 hours initial response time
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 10 live chat sessions
  • Emergency bug fixes
  • Integration audit

Learn more about the Webix technical support here.

Licensing and distribution terms

This template is distributed on the conditions of MIT license. You are free to use the source code of this app, modify it, build it into side solutions on condition you comply with the other terms of the MIT license. Should you have any questions or you would like to discuss special licensing conditions, please contact us.

Please note that this application is created with the Webix UI library. To use the template correctly you need the Webix library, which can be downloaded here.