Team Progress App for JavaScript/HTML5

This demo app allows to track the productivity of teamwork, to plan current tasks and to check their accomplishment. Use this free template to create HR systems, applications for QA departments or technical support services and other business applications to keep records of the perfomance of the individuals or whole teams. We have created this app to give the Webix users an opportunity to save time and resources while creating their web projects. Use ready-made templates to study Webix quickly and to save hours of development.

Download Team progress Demo App

This app is available for all Webix users. Click on the link below to download the source code.

* To work with Team Progress App you need the source code of the Webix library. You can download it here

Opportunities of the Team Progress App

The main screen (Dashboard)

The main screen (Dashboard)

Aggregated statistics on all tasks are shown on one screen. The data is shown in charts. On choosing a profile of the employee, the table with the tasks assigned, type and status appears.

Creating a new task

Creating a new task

Simple interface for creating a new task and assigning an employee with it.

Task List

Task List

All the tasks created, their status and additional parameters are shown in the list.

Task Categories

Task Categories

The interface of the application allows to get lists of tasks in the chosen categories (All / Support / Failure Testing / Quality Management / Data Quality).

Technical support

All Webix Pro users get the technical support according to the conditions of the license package:

Basic support


  • Up to 72 hours initial response time
  • 10 tickets
Standard support


  • Up to 48 hours initial response time
  • 30 tickets / Unlimited 1st month
Priority support


  • Up to 24 hours initial response time
  • Unlimited tickets
  • 10 live chat sessions
  • Emergency bug fixes
  • Integration audit

Learn more about the Webix technical support here.

Licensing and distribution terms

This template is distributed on the conditions of MIT license. You are free to use the source code of this app, modify it, build it into side solutions on condition you comply with the other terms of the MIT license. Should you have any questions or you would like to discuss special licensing conditions, please contact us.

Please note that this application is created with the Webix UI library. To use the template correctly you need the Webix library, which can be downloaded here.