Finance Dashboard Template

Finance Dashboard Template from the Webix UI Library is a complete application that is ready to be used in any project.
Webix templates significantly facilitate the development process in time and resource costs.
The Finance Dashboard Template has the following functionality:

  • a list of recent invoices
  • a graph with analytics report
  • possibility to add cards
  • possibility to set budget goals and icons for quick transactions
  • a list of total expenses divided into categories
  • a list of stocks with graphs

This ready-made solution is available for downloading and integration. You can use it as it is and fit it into any environment.

Download Finance Dashboard Template

All Webix users can use this template. To download the source code click on the link below.

* Note that you need the source code of the Webix library itself to operate with the template. It can be downloaded here

License terms

The template is distributed with the MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2021 XBSoftware.

Should any questions arise, please, do not hesitate to contact us.