Webix Jet

Webix Jet is a micro framework for a single-page application on top of Webix UI, which allows to combine and reuse all of diverse and separate UI components. With Webix Jet is you can easily create and develop the perfect application. Without any stress and using minimal code footprint.


With Webix Jet code and UI are split in isolated modules. It can be reused in many places across the app. Even very complicated UI can be divided into separate blocks, which can be used independently.

], function(app, menu, grid){
    var layout = {
                        {$subview: true}
        return {
                $oninit: function(){


URL is a blueprint for your UI. With Webix Jet, you can use native HTML URLs to show the different pages of single page app.


The weight of Webix Jet is less then 10 kb of code and it works with any back end (NodeJs, PHP, .Net).

Task solution

A set of helper modules solves common tasks such as localization, access control, scaffolding and notifications.

Task solution Webix Jet

Browsers Compatibility

Webix Jet is compatible with all modern browsers, including IE8+, the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Ready for Touch Devices

Webix Jet can be used in mobile web apps that run on modern touch devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Windows and Popups