JavaScript Complex Widgets

Webix JavaScript complex widgets allow building high-performance web applications. These components help accomplish a variety tasks - make complex calculations, create interactive reports, manage workflow, and perform advanced data filtering.

File Manager JavaScript UI widget

Webix File Manager facilitates viewing files and folders. It provides quick and convenient tree navigation. With File Manager you can work with any kind of hierarchical data.

Webix File Manager JavaScript UI widget
Kanban JavaScript UI widget

Webix Kanban widget allows viewing work in progress and performing project management. You can set any number of columns and rows within a Kanban Board. It can be easily customized with the help of HTML templates.

Webix Kanban JavaScript UI widget
SpreadSheet JavaScript UI widget

Webix SpreadSheet allows performing a wide range of operations with data. It's a powerful tool for creating tables online and managing big volumes of data. With this widget  you can keep all the necessary data at hand. You can export the ready-made document into Excel, or you can also import an Excel document into SpreadSheet.

Webix SpreadSheet JavaScript UI widget
Scheduler JavaScript UI widget

Webix Scheduler widget is a JavaScript and HTML5 event calendar which is adapted for mobile devices. With this component you can easily create single and multi-day events that are fully editable.

Webix Scheduler JavaScript UI widget
Pivot Table JavaScript UI widget

Webix Pivot is a datatable with extended filtering capabilities. This widget allows creating visual reports over large and complex datasets at a high speed. Pivot enables you to sort, filter, and compare data easily.

Webix Pivot Table JavaScript UI widget
Pivot Chart JavaScript UI widget

Webix Pivot Chart enables graphical representation of data. It has many configuration options that allow users to analyze, research, and compare large bulks of data.

Webix Pivot Chart JavaScript UI widget
JavaScript Document Manager widget

Use JavaScript Document Manager to develop the systems of electronic document flow. Save your time and money on the development and design costs with our full-fledged solution.

JavaScript Document Manager widget
JavaScript Query widget

Query is a JavaScript widget for creating complex, multileveled filters to work with data widgets or form SQL queries for data bases.

JavaScript Query widget

- is an Agile project management solution. The Gantt functionality allows you to create solutions for managing projects and resources, setting tasks, and monitoring their execution. Online Gantt Chart can be integrated into any web business solution or browser application. Webix Gantt is easy to customize and integrate into any information solutions and system platforms.

JavaScript Gantt
Report Manager

This new complex JS Report Manager widget allows you to create and store reports with a large amount of data. This elaborate solution is ready to be integrated into any system. As with all Webix widgets, it has simple design setup and functionality customization.

Report manager
Diagram JavaScript UI widget

Diagram widget allows creating any kind of diagram. The shapes of blocks and their style are customizable. There is an opportunity to place tree-like data and set up links.

Diagram Library
To Do List JavaScript UI widget

Comprehensive task management solution that allows to organize tasks by parameters — due dates, projects, and hashtags. You can also assign tasks to a particular user and split them into separate tasks and subtasks.

To Do List
Desktop JavaScript UI widget

Remote desktop in a familiar format. You can define a set of applications that you want to add to your Desktop widget. It includes Webix widgets and apps that you use daily, or even non-Webix apps.



What are complex widgets?

These are full-fledged single page apps with the ready-made back-end and front-end layers, that you can download and build into your solution. You can find the whole list of complex widgets at the link.

Are complex widgets compatible with Angular and React?

Yes they are. All Webix widgets and applications operate perfectly in the Angular or React environment. A full list of compatible frameworks and integration examples can be found on this page.

Can I customize comlex widgets?

Can I customize comlex widgets? Definitely. Complex widgets are easy to configure, integrate and customize. We have created detailed documentation to help you with this.

Can you refine a complex widget for me?

Yes, we will be happy to do that. Contact us to tell about the missing functionality.

Can I only purchase a complex widget without the Webix library itself?

Yes, we have provided for that. Please contact us for more information.

Can I use complex widgets together with the opensource package?

No. Complex widgets are not compatible with the community edition. You need Webix Pro to work with them

Can I use my own back-end?

Sure. We have thoroughly documented the API, backend service and methods so that you can connect any back-end.

Is there Webix technical support service?

Yes there is. Webix Pro users have access to technical support. Users of the community edition can get support through the forum or the documentation queries service.