JavaScript Charts widgets for data visualization and analytics

Webix JS is a graphing and charting library for designing outstanding analytical web applications and custom UIs. This software product allows implementing dynamic data visualization with smooth animation and several interactive features. Webix development team followed the top-notch material design trends to create a variety of ready-to-use responsive widgets.

Charts widgets

JavaScript Charts widget is a highly-customizable set of JS charts (line, spline, area, bar, pie, 3D-pie, donut, scatter, radar, etc.). The interactive UI controls include 14 types of charts and data tools such as sorting, filtering, and grouping.

JS Charts widget
Pivot Chart

Pivot Chart JavaScript UI widget facilitates smooth data aggregation and visualization by means of different chart types and data-structure sets. Data export feature allows converting information in PDF, PNG, Excel, and CVS formats. The widget provides seamless back-end and front-end integration.

JS Pivot Chart widget
Gage (Gauge) Widget

Gage (Gauge) JavaScript widget is aimed to display dynamic data with the help of smooth and interactive animation. The widget enables to set up custom labels, placeholders, and dynamic colour change.

JS Gage (Gauge) widget
Bullet Graph (Chart) UI widget

Bullet graph widget serves for efficient presentation of rapidly changing information, as well as for the creation of data-rich dashboards . This component has out-of-the-box design with smooth animation. A user can choose vertical or horizontal orientation depending on an app layout.

JS Bullet Graph (Chart) UI widget

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Webix is a flexible and highly professional JavaScript library. You can easily integrate it with any third-party visualization tools.

Integration with Third-Party Charts

You can integrate Webix with a number of third-party charts. Check the documentation about JavaScript сharts integration.

Maps Integration

Webix allows embedding geographical maps into an app with the help of its own components. Read more about the integration with maps from different providers.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Yandex Maps

Yandex Maps





Integration with other graphic tools

Please, find more information about graphic tools integration here.