Webix Spreadsheet

Webix Spreadsheet is a JavaScript and HTML5 widget that can be used for building feature-rich spreadsheets.

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JavaScript Spreadsheet

New fully configurable and fully client-side complex widget. It offers the functionality similar to Excel tables and Google sheets.

This widget allows you to work with complex table data, load, edit, and save it in the same way as it is with Excel documents. You can format text in cells, define font and size, apply borders - in other words, style your Spreadsheet in any convenient way.

Why Spreadsheet?

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Thus, by using this widget, you will enable the smooth flow of work and not overload the team members.

Easily Embeddable

Easily Embeddable

Spreadsheet complex widget is written by using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS, which allows you to integrate it in your web app with ease.

Flexible Layout

Flexible Layout

You can add any number of rows and columns to datatable and any number of buttons to the related toolbar.

In Webix Spreadsheet you can set the numeric data formats and create your own format pattern. It allows you to perform math operations using Excel-style formulas.

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Data can be loaded in JSON format, both from client and server. In addition, you can load and upload Excel files. Afterwards, data can be exported in all supported Webix formats (Excel, PDF, PNG).


Documentation for SpreadSheet

Clear articles and nice demos, rich API and other useful information that will assist you in learning Webix Spreadsheet.


SpreadSheet widget Sample

Basic, API and Customization samples will help you to start working with Webix JavaScript Spreadsheet and build easy-to-use sheets.