Gantt Chart: JavaScript online project management application

Webix Gantt is an effective web tool for Agile project management. The rich functionality allows managing projects and resources, creating any number of tasks, and monitoring their execution. The widget can be used as a stand-alone app or a third-party solution. You can easily configure and customize Gantt Chart as well as integrate it into any web framework.

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NEW feature

  • Baseline property to set planned dates for your project: start date, end date and duration.

1. List of tasks

  • viewing and editing tasks
  • creating subtasks

2. Resource diagram

  • visual loading of resources

3. Resource management

  • possibility to assign resources to tasks

4. Ability to display markers

  • now, the start and the end of the project, any other

5. Critical path

  • visual display of a chain of tasks that cannot be postponed

6. Creating and editing tasks

  • task duration
  • progress
  • predecessors / successors tasks

Other Webix widgets for planning tasks:

Advanced Gantt features for your JavaScript web apps


  • Types of elements: task, project, milestone.


  • Ability to switch scales and zooming


  • Ability to display markers: now, the start and the end of the project, any other.


  • Ability to show a critical path, meaning the chain of tasks that can't be delayed.


  • Ability to automatically convert tasks with child tasks into projects.


  • Ability to load and assign resources (single or multiple) to tasks.


  • Display of all resources with tasks related to them.


  • Ability to visualize resource load per day.


  • Ability to include only working days in task duration.


  • The ability to display projects and tasks with subtasks in a single line, dividing them into separate segments.

Gantt widget areas of application

JavaScript Gantt Chart is used in project planning and management systems. The convenient implementation of the Agile methodology allows you to visually organize a list of tasks and subtasks, track progress, assess risks, and identify bottlenecks in any project.

ERP systems

ERP systems

Module for resource management, project planning and management.

Risk analysis and management

Risk analysis and management

Business activity visualisation and building links between objects. Bottlenecks identification.

Agile project management

Agile project management

Classic solutions for Agile project, task and resource management.

Resource and workload management

Resource and workload management

Time tracking, visualization and balancing of the list of tasks for performers. Progress and completed tasks tracking.

Budget management, cost optimization

Budget management, cost optimization

Expenses systematization by items, prioritizing the expenditure items.

Research and consulting

Research and consulting

Managing complex processes with numerous contractors and performers.

JavaScript Gantt Chart live demo

Advantages of the Webix Gantt Chart widget

Ready-made solution for time management

An elaborate solution with numerous features ready for integration into any system

Easy setup and customization

Simple design setup, simple functionality customization.

Easy backend integration

Explicit Integration with PHP, Node.js, Golang and .NET.

Webix environment

Operating in the same eco-environment of the Webix library.

Easy frontend integration

Сan work with all modern frameworks. You can use it standalone or inside the React of an Angular app.


All elements can be adjusted through API, without need to edit anything in source codes (which are provided by the way).

Gantt Chart JavaScript coding samples

Custom time scales

Custom time scales

Using any dimension for the calendar grid (one week, month, year).

Read only mode

Read only mode

View mode without editing.

Localization example

Localization example

Localization of the application with language switching.

Gantt compact mode sample

Gantt compact mode sample

Compact mode for screens with a small diagonal.

Gantt Chart JS widget FAQ

What are complex widgets?

These are full-fledged single page apps with the ready-made back-end and front-end layers, that you can download and build into your solution. You can find the whole list of complex widgets at the link.

Can I buy Gantt Chart without the Webix library?

Yes, we have provided for this opportunity. Contact us for more information.

Is Gantt Chart compatible with the Webix community (opensource) edition?

No, it isn't. All complex widgets require the Webix Pro commercial package.

Is Webix Gantt an independent application, like SaaS?

No, it isn't. Webix Gantt is a complex UI widget designed for integration into any web applications. You can extend the capabilities of your web system by enabling Webix Gantt.

What are the differences between Gantt Chart and Task Board (Kanban)?

Gantt is the Agile implementation of project management. Kanban is the Waterfall methodology. They are absolutely different methodologies.

Is Gantt Chart compatible with Angular or React?

Yes, it is. We provide the examples of our widgets' integration into any modern frameworks.

Will Gantt Chart work when the trial period expires?

After the trial period expires all the functionality of the Gantt Chart will be blocked. But you can contact us to extend the trial period up to 6 months.

Can I change the Gantt Chart UI and design?

Sure. Complex widgets are easy to set, integrate and customize. We have created a detailed documentation to help you with that.

Webix Gantt licensing