Report manager

Report Manager widget

Report Manager is a JavaScript UI component for data visualization. It allows creating data-rich reports with lots of charts.

You can use our Report Manager as an analytical tool, which helps users create reports based on Pivot Table.

By downloading this ready-to-use widget, you save a lot of time and effort that you usually spend on software development.

Report Manager by Webix includes:

  • Built-in Pivot Table
  • Report designer tool
  • Predefined custom reports
  • Custom charts and tables
  • Drag-and-drop function

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Report Manager widget roadmap

Webix Report Manager widget will be further developed. Check out the development roadmap below.

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September 2020

Report Мanager official release

The first version of Report Manager will have a single report design.

Data Source


October 2020

Pivot Table integration

A built-in Pivot Table will allow users to set up data-sources.

data source

Pivot Table integration

November 2020

Report templates view

This feature enables the rendering of the saved templates and report previews. Users can also leave comments, e.g., describe the peculiarities of a particular report.

report template

Report templates view

December 2020

Report Designer

It's a UI tool for creating report templates. They can include data tables and charts.


Report Designer