Pivot Chart JavaScript UI widget for web developers

Add a pure JavaScript Pivot Chart to your enterprise web app by writing 5 lines of code

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1. Data visualization

Extract and display the most significant information from complex data sets. Analyze, research and compare complex data with ease.

2. Data export

Export data in various formats: PDF, PNG, Excel, CSV.

3. Flexible UI customization

Customize chart settings, tune the configuration window and adjust the filters.

4. Custom operations

Create own grouping functions for data aggregation.

5. Localization

Adjust numbers and text labels in compliance with the rules of various countries.

6. Three modes of viewing aggregated data

Viewing data in the form of Table, Tree, Chat.

Why use JS Pivot Chart?

Backend integration

Smooth Integration with Backend Platforms: PHP, Node.js, Golang and .NET.

Web accessibility

Agrees to Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards and supports keyboard navigation.

Frontend integration

Ability to integrate with jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, React and third party libraries.

Cross platform and browser support

Support of All Modern browsers and Quick CSS Styling of your JavaScript Pivot Chart.

Advanced Chart features for your JavaScript web apps


Find and display specific data using various filters.


Show and hide charts in one click.


Change the order of PivotChart rows and columns by dragging configuration window elements, adding custom configurations.


Choose the chart type you like.


Create and apply structures to instantly change the appearance of charts.

JavaScript Pivot Chart live demo

Pivot Chart JavaScript coding samples

Switching Locales

Switching Locales

Ability to change languages to ru, en, it

UI Settings

UI Settings

Ability to change the appearance of charts

External Filters

External Filters

Ability to display an external filter

Setting and Getting Structure

Setting and Getting Structure

Ability to create and apply structures to change data presentation in one click

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